Odd Gears Coins Fix?

@TC_MichaelAOS, I know this is SUPER not important in the grand scheme of things, but is there any chance of fixing the odd number of Gears Coins that was created on many people’s account after the conversion from scrap to coins?

Odd GC
^^ See how my total coins end in “63”? There is literally nothing I can purchase for 63 Gears Coins…

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to OP5!


It’s rude to lie! :joy:

Anyway, I actually have the same problem with the odd number at the end so my OCD is putting me under serious strain. I can’t even have the TV volume at an odd number.

…I’m not crazy. Mother had me tested.
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I played a game once for about five minutes to try it. An achievement popped with a gamer score of 1. Has driven me nuts to look at ever since.

I need to find a game with an easy 4.

Not to derail the main point of this thread, but it’s not a lie. I legit think OP5 looks good. Not perfect, but good.

@Slipping_Flames, why not just complete that game that you popped the 1G in?

On topic, I really hope this gets fixed one day, because it drives me nuts!

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I know, it does in ways.

Anyway yes I agree, glad I’m not the only one it annoys!

It was like one of the old double dragon games. I looked. It does have a 19.

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Aragami shadow edition has lots of 19g achievements, it’s free on gold in the uk at the moment

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It would be great if they did! My coins count end in 99 and when I noticed, I couldn’t help but wonder "what will I do when I’m 1 coin down and no time to get more? (sure pay is the easy fix but that 99 gives me a bad vibe).