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Why does Octus rarely interact with us? He just pastes some notes and posts from the website and sometimes engaged with people, but only when it’s a technical/bug problem. I have rarely seen him engage with us on what we want aside from one or two times.

I dOn’t understand why he doesn’t Comment on here, iT’s his job to engage and UnderStand what we want.

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What are you talking about? He’s posted 3 times yesterday, and then…
Oh wait, it was back in february.
My bad carry on.

For all tc’s talk of communicating, of not ignoring on here, they seem far more happy to deal with people just screaming fuuuuuuu***** across reddit and twitter.
Yet we are the toxic ones LMFAO.

Jamies seems to be going a good job though, he replied to people and made it a conversation. Which we haven’t seen since ryan was here.


Have they spoken of us as Toxic? I’ve heard it thrown around many times but I haven’t seen a post/clip

I don’t really think we’re toxic due to the forum thing they used to make it blocking swears
There’s troll threads sometimes (40% me) and the annoying “gears is # on xbox/uninstalling gears 5” or something like die tc followed by 10 swear words

I love Jamie, he seems great


Well rod liked that tweet, but I guess that wasn’t directed at just us.
I guess it’s just the part time forum guys who refer to us (themselves?) as always too toxic for the devs to bother with. It has always felt TC have that opinion of forumers anyway.

Yeah we get troll threads and the odd screeching ejit, but octus was literally responding multiple times to a thread titled “F you F’ing TC, you F’s, fix your F’ing game” on reddit. Yet people always talk about how toxic a place the forum is. :man_shrugging:
I just don’t get it myself and if we ARE like that then tc have proved that they are willing to engage in discourse of that level via tiwtter and reddit, so why not here?

Let’s hope jamie getting involved is the sign that this is changing.
TBH though he could just be getting really, really bored during lockdown.

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Octus can’t respond to a megapost made by the community but he can respond to some trash that was most likely bait, In my opinion he’s not really doing his job, especially during Quarantine when there’s not much to do and his job can easily be done online

Here’s to Jamie reading this


He didn’t even reply when ryan kept tagging him into his mega thread. Nor did any one else ryan tagged either.
If fellow directors/head of departments can’t get any staff to post here, what hope do any of us have?

Still, we live in hope.

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Wow, that sounds pretty pathetic



This is the Gears of War forum and not the Twitter! TC rarely use the first one and prefer the second one. :upside_down_face:

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I miss the ryan posts here in the Forum… That guy was at least COMMUNICATING

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Sure it’s annoying but why should anyone bother writing a 5000-words-essay about everything that’s wrong with the game when no one at the TC is gonna care?

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Yeah I think twitter folk a wayyyy worse than some of the posts here.

Every tweet is followed by
“Dead game”


It’s sad. There are some great folk here with great questions and concerns.

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They only care about Twitter…heaven forbid they actually come here and see what the actual fans and people playing the game have to say.

He probably working from home and don’t have access to the forums .

The forums, which are part of the official website technically, are secondary to Twitter, an external web service.

It’s pathetic. They clearly don’t care.


I dont think anyone cares, i seem to have memorised the handful of profiles names that regularly post on the forums. Then there is the occasional new person that brings nothing new to the table.

“My thoughts on the current MP” by xscopx11111122

Cant wait to sink my teeth into that deep read.

I think games like tactics will be gears of war going forward, the upkeep of resources/time management/expectations that a traditional gears game has is probably becoming an issue.


Their excuse is, they reach more ppl on Twitter

This place doesn’t exist oh but “TC reads the forums all the time”. More like Ghost reads the Forum, TC doesn’t even know this place is up.


Given the quality of posts and threads on these forums, I’m not surprised that TC don’t want to engage with us. If it sounds like I have a low opinion of GOW fans, it’s because I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to excuse TC’s poor communication, but making sense of some of the nonsense here would be extremely hard. There’s a few gems every now and again where the discussion is actually coherant and contains good dieas and feedback, but those are a real rarity. It’d be nice if some of these threads could somehow make it up to TC. They could really learn a few things from them.

But vet out the nonsense though.


Of course. It is impossible to login via a browser.

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Yeah. You need an internet connection for that.

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Gears community is toxic af imo, not only does the community not seem to have any real appreciation (nor understanding) for the franchise, they also seem to feel it necessary to whine about every little stupid thing under the sun with this game (microtransactions are one such example of a stupid complaint)

Gears community doesn’t know what it wants nor does it know what’s best for the franchise (Gears Tactics is one such example of really really bad idea)