October 29th Developer Stream Highlights & Impressions

To be honest unless they can come up with a new class that feels significantly different to what we already have then I don’t see much point in adding more at this stage.

We now have plenty of great classes to choose from (something the game lacked at launch) so in some ways I’m relieved to not have yet another class that needs to be levelled up via speed runs :joy:.

A grenade focused class would be good though but I’d still prefer it if they just added more cards to SC…

At all?

Dana said something to the effect of this and that they’re pretty happy with the way PVE is set up now with the current classes which almosts suggests that there are no plans for any new future classes (but obviously they wouldn’t totally rule this out). Unless it’s just a lie to throw us off, it seems that way.

No new PvE classes at all…



Sarah is not bad for that, but this game needs a granade resupply card/perk.

My issue with Sarah Connor is that she’s described as a “tank” but isn’t a tank. She’s barely a humvee.

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What the hell? Didn’t they change Grind Season in Gears 5?

When I did Grind Season I had to log in every week for an entire season because it was to play ranked in every week of a season.

Now it’s play 25 ranked games in one season.

So if I wanted to do it now I could knock it out in one day. When I did it I had to log in once a week for 3 months or whatever it was.

I’m literally going to lose my s*** over this rubbish. Back to a comment I made in another thread. They need to take accountability and not talk utter rubbish.

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Seems like he misspoke last night?
Maybe they will change it…who know…

I’d love to hear what @GhostofDelta2 has to say about this though. I know he’s put a lot of time in, and has barely made a dent in some of the crazy achievements.

Idk, TC seems to drop the ball more often than not when it comes to PvE

I might come off a bit entitled but TC should be aiming to make us(the community) happy, not themselves.


I think SC’s grenade cards are really good and she’s a fun class to use, but currently she only has three cards that are actually worthwhile.

Grenade regen & bleed on explosive weapons are what’s needed to make her a god tier class…

“Every night”

I agree. Like I said, by the end of Operation 5, we’ll be into March 2021 or thenabouts and if there’s no mid-Op release of a new class, then we’ll have only had 3 new Heroes/class in the space of almost 12 months, which is very poor.

That said, I wouldn’t want a carbon-copy of say, a sniper class with just with a different ultimate ability. Content for the sake of content is wasteful. I’d want something truly different which adds to and changes the way PVE is played. I already gave the example of a truly dedicated Grenadier class. I’m sure there are other potential classes that could be created. I’d be very disappointed with TC if they maintain this stance because I believe that there are decent potential ideas for new classes.

Unlike others, i dont care about new character classes… We have lots… But a lot of them are largely pointless outside of low levels and/or glitches (cough, Grace, cough)…

I would much rather they worked on improving the player experience of the existing classes than ignoring that in favor of adding “new” things… Just because it is new doesnt mean it is good or better…

Make the game more fun. Varied damage modifers would go a long way to naking horde much more interesting …

Lol, just making scions immune to headshots, for example would eliminate any need to nerf marcus or fahz, and would open up the playing field…

THOSE types of changes, which require a variety of characters on the team, are far more valuable than some new class…

But knowing tc they will just add things like “super stopping power enemy bullets” which just make the game even more annoying, and dont help at all re what i mentioned above…

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No new classes is a major bummer, I hope they at least add new skill cards, If a grenedier class is off the table at least gimme a multiple grenade plants skill card.

No new PvE classes is alright for me if some of the existing Classes get major improvements.

Like Sarah Conner, Emile,Grace ect. they all need more useful Cards and better fitting Perks.


I hate the game with a passion, and those pop achievements take longer than any other gears achievement unless you outlayed many thousands of dollars.

People who have invested tons of time and or money without it being enough money likely will have no chance of finishing this unless TC does make changes.

Given how long it usually takes TC to do things like sunset the weapon skins for gears 4, fix campaign issues in UE on PC, stop putting me into lobbies in Brazil in gears 5, stop prioritising jumping over cover when I hit melee, etc etc I dont know how much faith I would put in TC fixing this for people.


Same opinion here.
If they improve the 4 non Gears characters with many more cards and changing the 4 perks, i’m ok with no new class, because this would be like 4 new classes.
The only thing i know is that Lahni is getting a claw card and for gods sake i hope this is not the only one or i’m getting VERY disappointed.

TC would probably be better off focusing on what’s currently in the game instead of creating new problems to later fix.

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With those - she will become the next Marcus :laughing:

Now this is something I would like to see. It could be for Keegan’s, COG Gear’s or Sarah’s class.