Obtaining skin in Monster Mash

I just completed my first Monster Mash and I received the Midnight Omen skin for the Enforcer. I go to the customization screen and it doesn’t show that I have it. When I go to the inventory screen, it does show that I have it. I’m not able to equip the skin. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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If you’re looking at the skin under the COGs customization then you won’t see it because Midnight Oatmeal is now bound to Swarm only with the exception of horde. This same change also applies to syndrome skins that are COG only now.

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Lol, I totally forgot about that. Ok thanks for the reply.

Apparently they can only be equipped to swarm/locust characters. I had the same issue. I have no idea why TF that is TC. its dumb as hell.

This is the stupidest thing I have a lot of midnight skins and was trying to complete the set since I equip my cog character with them and now I cant finish equiping my skins. WTF

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