Obtaining Diamond/Masters too EASY (Threshold Adjustments)

Obtaining Diamond is far to easy. Far to often I am finding that the quality of players in Diamond 1-3 are absolutely terrible, especially when they are on your team.

The GP Values of the ranks should be adjusted to create bigger gaps from Gold to Onyx and from Onyx to Diamond. Once you are in Onyx you can play against Diamond players and Masters players.

What I’m suggesting is for TC to adjust the GP Value of ranks to make it harder to progress and to create a generous gap for sweaty players at the top to have the best levels of competition.
I don’t think these numbers are too high or too “grindy” but I hope it makes ranked worthy of playing.
Especially when the Ranked season is 4 months long. w/o a split or mid-season reset.

Current Values
GP ranks (w/o Solo Queue 15% bonus or 250GP MVP )

  • 0GP - Bronze (2000GP) 8 Matches to promote.
  • 15,000 GP - Silver (1500GP) 10 Matches to promote
  • 30,000 GP - Gold (1000GP) 10 Matches to promote
  • 40,000 GP - Onyx (500GP) 20 Matches to promote
  • 50,000 GP - Diamond (300GP) 33 Matches to promote
  • 60,000GP - Masters (100GP)

At their current levels, I can solo que a playlist and earn masters in a day or two. It’s basically a cake walk to promote if you put in any amount of time. Plus the Solo Que bonus is more GP for them to rank up on.

Suggested Values
GP ranks (w/o Solo Queue 15% bonus or 250GP MVP )

  • 0GP - Bronze (2000GP) 8 Matches to promote.
  • 15,000 GP - Silver (1500GP) 10 Matches to promote
  • 30,000 GP - Gold (1000GP) 20 Matches to promote
  • 50,000 GP - Onyx (500GP) 30 Matches to promote
  • 65,000 GP - Diamond (300GP) 50 Matches to promote
  • 80,000 GP - Masters (100GP)

There should be a Universal Gears RANK. I’m not a bronze in FFA and a MASTERS in KOTH. But thats another post. or conversation.
Additionally I think the 15% solo que bonus should go. The bonus shouldn’t be an incentive to play alone vs playing with teammates.

This is what people wanted. Everyone thinks they’re a Master player, and TC was the only thing holding them back. So TC basically said screw this, take points for anything you do and ■■■■, leave us alone already. So now everyone is Diamond and Master, and the whining has stopped. I agree, it’s far too easy to get to the top, all you have to do is get matched up with some gods, win a few games, get a couple kills and caps, boom you’re a Master.


Different values won’t make a difference other than taking a week instead of a few days.

You’ll see changes when you’re deducted points during the game from poor plays, that would put a stop to those tdm “mvp’s” that go 20-18.

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this is precisely what happened. TC needs to stand firm on this and let them play in the mess they created.

Ryan Cleven tried to explain this over and over again but players just didn’t want to hear it (remember the white board?). Showing us how Ranks went up and down real-time was one of the worst decisions they made. that, and showing stacks.

Disagree about the solo bonus. If they ain’t gonna strictly put stacks vs stacks then it’s a nice addition to have for someone just chilling on their own.

Whole situation would be different if they just scrapped eliminations for actual kills, you get so many people tapping a few enemies from a far with the lancer whilst their teammates do the hard work.


They should get rid of eliminations and rank should be more or less based on kills and damage given out in the round. I said before in another post that all you have to do is sit back and just shoot 1 shot at an enemy that your team mates are engaged in and if they kill them that’s another elimination to add to your basket.
Most diamond players now feel like they are gold rank and masters is onyx.

As someone mentioned in a post above, this is what the whiney cry baby community wanted so no one really has a leg to stand on to complain.
The whole of ranked feels like this stupid notion of where you get given a medal no matter what position you finish in the race.

I think the solo bonus should stay as you are at a massive disadvantage against a communicating stack plus half the time playing solo you are paired with quitters or AFK players so you’ll end up loosing that match because of them.


Pretty much my thoughts to a tee.

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Good idea, but I wish the brought back the gears 4 rank system. Onyx 3 tier was sweaty af. Diamond was even more sweaty. Getting Diamond Master was insane. Did this in guardian (my palms are still sweating) lol. People ranks really reflected skill but the my opinion. TC doesn’t care