Observation about sponging and how it changes match to match

This is something I see a lot; player seems gody, eats shots, predicts your every move and hits you from seemingly impossible angles, while aiming the other direction. Next match, he’s on your team and the magic is gone.

I was reminded of this in a KOTH today where the match MVP seemed to be blessed by the Gears Gods… or maybe just the servers. People in game chat were raging at how he would not take damage. There was a time when 3 of us had him sandwiched and he did not drop, he was able to kill us one at a time while eating shots. It was pretty surreal. Strangely, he turned out to only be a Gold 2.

Next match, he was on OUR team and was doing the same moves, but getting killed constantly. He actually scored below the rest of us from the previous match, even though he was having his way with us in that match. It seemed pretty obvious that the servers where having no problems registering shots on him this time around.

3rd match comes up and he’s back on the enemy team. No problem killing him this time. In fact, we really wrecked him (the randoms I squadded up with this morn were actually giving him the long-beatdown repeatedly because they were still fuming over the first match) and that witchcraft movement with unexplainable shot angles was non existent.

I notice this happen a lot when I’m not in a squad and was wondering if others noticed the same inconsistency from the servers.


It might not even be the servers at all. We all have our good and bad games. It sounds like the guy had a great game and then went back to playing the way he normally does. As for the sponging…maybe not all shots were being landed and he was getting time to recover.

Because I know my Ping does not change regardless of what Team or who I’m with


It’s so hit or miss. I generally feel I get the short end of the stick, but those few times I am “godlike” are so enjoyable.

I see guys walk around all the time with poor movement, just absorbing punishment and chunking anyone and everyone. Next game it might be someone else and they’re near the bottom. Very apparent when playing special events like Blitz. You end up with rolling mixed lobbies more or less.


Koolaid, it’s beyond that. I make clips a lot to see what I’m doing wrong and sponging is real. I used to post really outrageous sponge and lag comp clips on here but TC doesn’t care so I don’t bother anymore. I just watch to see if I did something wrong, or if the servers just didn’t register the shot.
It’s becoming so common that you even see it happening a lot in vids from Gears youtubers. I was watching a Domez vid yesterday where he missed his shot but the server did a weird correction (moved the opponent) and game him a gnasher headshot from far away. His GB teammate was even laughing, calling BS, telling him how lucky he got because it was clear nonsense.

If you always have the same ping, you may be someone who is lucky enough not to have server issues. My ping is very stable, but may change depending who I’m playing with.

Don’t get me wrong I know sponging is real… I literally just watch a video that @Ektope posted in another topic where he point blanked this guys head after mantling him and then gets smacked. It happens to me as well. I Agree 100% that this is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed. I’m just saying that not all cases are because of Ping/Servers. Sometimes kids get lucky lol…

I notice differences like that in social matches when people leave and others join. And it only gets worse when you stay in the same lobby for several games. I’m in Chicago and my ping is 15 - 30, occasionally 50 when I’m put on a farther server. Regardless, the quality of every game is a toss up. I find ranked vs is much more stable cause people can’t jump in. Even with lag compensation, it’s not as unpredictable as social.


Yeah I would think it would be more laggy in the social match but in ranked it would be a lot better because people aren’t jumping in and out and stuff like that

At least in Social you get fillers. when we get rampant quitters in VS. you can be left trying to play 1v5.

True i wished you could invite someone after someone quits

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Omg this !!!

Players on the other team = invincible.

You send them an invite to play with you and they are mid-to bottom of the team.

It’s like - what was happening last match bro when you sponged everything?



Unfortunately this game can’t even keep its stability when one person disconnects and comes back… I’ve had so many matches my gun worked great until a teammate/enemy left. It still worked fine but the moment this SAME teammate/enemy comes back my shots do nothing.

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Haha game can’t handle simple player re-join, takes a dump instead :joy:


For real, I’m sitting there at MVP numbers and then all of a sudden the game breaks the moment is says “x has joined”. Like what the hell? It ran halfway decent before!

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Must have realised it was working for you and decided to “fix” that ASAP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing::raised_hands:

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You know there is seriously something wrong with the way the connections are set up by how the game handles players dropping out. Not only do I get big lag spikes when they drop, but the feel of the game almost always changes. Usually for the better since its often people with bad connections quitting or lagging it.
It’s 2018 and they still can’t iron this stuff out?

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Apparently not because as I’ve posted this image twice already and I’ll do it again… I’m still getting paired with these connections.


I dare say the only thing consistent about this game is its inconsistency. For the past two or three weeks the servers have been awful. Way past the point where I tolerate such garbage lobby quality.



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