Objectives not completing

Iv just completed the objective to get 3 explosive kills twice now and it still hasn’t put it as completed when I go back to the menu


Same problem here. I had to complete 30 kills 3 times to get my stars

I mean come on. Seriously how bad can a developer be

Having same problems with all objectives

Someone said if you fail horde or escape they dont unlock

Only if you u win

Absolute garbage

It pops up objective completed but nothing or very little. I just finished 20 waves of horde and zilch. There’s a bunch of post already. Escape has issues too. Go figure it’s TC. I’ve been on lockdown for 2 weeks already. Was looking forward to update

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Yes. For instance, I had an objective “do 25,000 damage in horde.” Got the completion notification in game, quit out, and ToD then said I had only done 5k damage. Went back in, got the completion notification again, quit out, and now 12k or something like this. I had to go through this cycle like four times before the objective actually completed.

Did anyone test this?

Na its just not working.

Same problem tour of duty is not working at all, it’s a shambles

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