OBjectives for Horde!

Hi Gears

inG5 it would be great to have some random objectives after 3 or 5 waves, like the objectives in versus modes, escort a robot or a player or capture a zone or transport an object like a backpack or something and the character can’t sprint while carrying the object so others must cover him, or de/activate devices all over the map, you activate the first and then a new one appears, this 5 times and the character activating the device can’t do anything else so others must cover him,
eliminate a specific target within limited time for a reward, or a character is marked for death from the enemies and we must cover him for a certain period of time,

I really like horde mode, but it would be awesome so have objectives to spice things up, 50 waves of cover and shoot can get repetitive

just tryin to help

thanks for reading

Gears 4 did have the loot box drop system for certain objectives. Not sure why that was completely dropped from 5.


After every 10 waves there is a power tap to capture. Players are rewarded with energy if they can capture and defend them. The reward even increases if you are able to defend it for consecutive waves.
The location is randomized within parameters, I think this is a good objective inclusion in horde, a nice effort/risk/reward involved.

I’m not familiar with the escort or transport objectives in versus mode.
The power tap capture in Horde uses the similar mechanic as King of the Hill in Versus.
The Guardian concept would be interesting in Horde. On random waves a player is the Guardian, and it becomes the equivalent of ironman if the Guardian dies. Or conversely, there is a Guardian Horde enemy, the enemies continue to spawn until the Guardian is defeated.

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Yes, power taps are a good addition, something more dynamic, like transport or escort could be fun too
I’ve seen that almost nobody captures and defends the power taps in higher difficulties everyne is in the “base” and not moving from there, it’s a good strategy for survival but it can get repetitive

Mass Effect multiplayer has random objectives during waves and it adds a bit of variety.

I thought TC would have done the same for Horde.

The Taps, depending on where they are, don’t seem worth defending for what they payout. If it’s close by your base, of course. If it’s further away, do you really want to spend time and resources protecting it for the enery payout it gives you?

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