Objective stars and medals

My objective stars and medals are not appearing as I complete them it shows that I have but when the games over it goes bk to the same objectives like I haven’t done them even with my medals there not going up within the meter bar to show how close I am to completing them it just remains stagnant and it’s annoying me as I’m trying to work hard to get blood red reyna before the season is over. So can coalition fix this in game issue as its affecting my rank I even just asked one of my colleagues online if he has the same issue but appears not too.


TC is aware of the situation and is asking players to submit tickets so they can look into what is causing this issue

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks I did it

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Thank you,

Hopefully TC can fix this quickly :slight_smile:

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I had an error code after completing a versus ai match to do the daily stars, after i quit to main menu and joined a friends group and played a brawl match i showed my win a versus was completed.

No idea if i got the stars as i dont keep track.

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I am having the same problem. They need to fix!