Objective complains

I love Gears of War. When You are complaining on all subjective things I don’t care:

  • New Horde - subjective. Some people like it, some not.
  • Terminator skin - subjective. Some people like it, some not.
  • New colorful design - the same
  • Blood sprays - the same
  • Map design - the same
  • Campaign story - the same
  • Overpowered rifles - the same
  • Toxic players/community - like in all other games
  • Iron high price - too expensive for most of players but maybe there are a lot of people buing it…

let’s talk about objective things to be fair:

Campaign - I stopped plaing it because of glitches. I am awaiting update. - 3 weeks? Come on TC. This is a joke…
Versus - I stopped plaing it because of high ping… joke again?
other glitches like progression, XP, leaderboard, ranked skill rating, error GW502, matchmaking…
This title is not ready to sell !!!

I dunno, I thought my first born and my soul was a good price for Delivery driver Mac

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jajajajjaa you didnt mentioned DELIVERY DRIVER MAC on the Rainbow lancer thread jajajaj a

The horde its not subjective, its by any small amount " THE MAN’S GAME " in Gears of war games.