Obj: Kill 30 Elite Drones / Kill 250 drones

How on earth are these possible when almost everyone is playing as t-800. Madness.

Is it versus only? If not try horde that should have tons of drones and etc

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Most are possible in horde and escape unless they specifically say versus (or something like get 10 eliminations as Marcus or The Speaker).

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Well, the T-800 is the coolest looking character in the game… I can’t blame them.

I disagree Jack is best BOI
Jokes aside and also fact of Jacks best boi syndrome T-800 is pretty rad.

Well I don’t know if it works in Horde because I haven’t been able to play a single match due to connection issues.

I’ve also now been on loading map screen for a ranked match for 10 mins.

Yay early access…