Nvidia's ReBar Support for Gears 5

I read that Gears 5, along with 7 other games, are now supported by Nvidia to take advantage of Resizable Bar (AMD’s SAM) that was recently implemented with the release of the RTX 3060 12GB, which shipped with the supporting VBios/Drivers to take advantage of this feature. A performance test was ran with ReBar enabled on the 3060 for Gears 5 and there was a +4 FPS gain, opposed to it being disabled.

Of course to take advantage of this feature there are several caveats such as your motherboard/chipset has to support ReBar, and on Nvidia’s side it’s limited to the RTX 3000 series cards for now. Currently, only the 3060 12GB variant supports this feature since it was released on 02/25/21 with the drivers and VBios that enables this feature. Existing RTX 3000 series cards will need to have their VBios updated(flashed), which is expected to occur by late March 2021.

Since there can be a negative performance impact for some titles with this feature enabled, Nvidia will be rolling out future drivers for games that have been tested by them and pass their internal tests. I’m assuming that if it’s not on their supported list, any random game won’t work since it will not exist on the driver level. I’m not sure how this will work but at least RTX 3000 owners will get a “free” small performance boost for Gears 5.:slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

Good feature from Nvidia, limited support but going forward, another way to get extra FPS.