Nvidia RTX and gears of war 4 PC?

So, the RTX cards have been out for just a bit and thought I’d see if anybody can confirm if these new cards have the freezing issue or not with gears of war 4, since most people said it’s the 10 series and not much with the 9 series Nvidia cards?

Someone reported that their rig stopped freezing when they installed a 2080 last week.

Well regardless, nobody should have to go out and buy a new card to solve the problem if it in fact does. As far as I know the problem remains with the freezing and I say that because I haven’t been playing all that much as far as time spent on a daily basis to see if it happens.

Still freezing here on my 1080!

The 960 4G had no freezing issues and my current RTX 2070 has also no freezing issues.

Most people not even clean install their drivers as recommended by nvidia and amd for each of their driver-updates. And there are much more required drivers than just the one for the graphics card. Chipset, usb, network, sound, thrid-party hardware; BIOS updates and so on and on - Everything is part of the system and needs to be “maintained”. Even a freshly installed operating system needs its updates and drivers. Windows transition drivers are usually not sufficient and intended only as a transition or as kind of last option if the hardware is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Then there are people who like to mess around with registry entries, avoid system updates or overclock their hardware without any knowledge about it. System “tuner” software, etc. also like to destroy systems. Likewise a bugged version of MSI software such as AfterBurner or their GamingApp can trigger massive issues. In the past, for example, the GamingApp often caused problems like crashes with Battlefield.

The graphics cards itself aren’t the problem. Especially since it was previously claimed rock solid that even the 960 4G would have freezes - which never happened to me in over 400 hours with a partly 9 years old system. And i know enough " 10’ series people" without issues. Now i have a 2070 since a few months and still no problem. (Already re-completed the campaign etc without any issues)

e: The only thing that i’ve noted is, that the game needs “too long” to start.(black screen during this time) This wasn’t the case in the past, even if it’s the same sshd. But i think that’s more a game bug, because the sound for the TC logo has also only its half length.

Only pascal cards have the problem I have a gtx 1060 6gb and when i swapped my gpu to my new ryzen system the bsods went away idk what exactly fixed it.

If the old threads weren’t deleted, you could also read that earlier it referred to the 900, 1000 and then 2000s.
If one then proved the opposite, it is always called: “Oh no, it’s just this one card.”
Fix your systems…It’s not the card.