Nvidia new driver makes gears 5 crash and not work

The new sept 10 driver makes gears of my 1080 ti not work completely like it won’t display anything and crashes and turn gives a black screen


Not this again.

This forced me to stop playing gears 4 after a lot of frustration.

I’m terrified that this is going to start happening to my RTX 2060… Please don’t leave it until gears 6 comes out Nvidia/TC to fix this issue.


Running new driver with my Evga 1080ti ftw3 and no problems so far. Played some multiplayer and story. Only issue for me is no support for sli yet.


I think the industry has dropped SLI by now, Nvidia surely seems to have done it. You never hear anything about it these days. Very, very few gamers has more than one GPU so there is no point in putting resources into SLI-support or development.

My buddy had no crashes until the newest driver and now it’s constantly crashing.



Yes it’s happening to the 1080 ti I have one bro tell ur buddy to revert back to the old one the one from August 27 or the one right before the sept 10 one

Can he download it? He formatted thinking it was a larger scale issue so there’s no revert option (I think that’s what he said

Edit: found the drivers.

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Don’t tell me this. I haven’t gone home yet to download it. Maybe I wont. I have a GTX 1080.

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Don’t bro trust me I thought it was my cables the screen won’t display anything n give u errors and say its to much for ur graphics card just stay with ur current driver when nvidia releases A new one try it but this one messes up the 1080 ti but I rolled back and all good now I need a fix for the new driver

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Everyone experiencing this issue needs to go to the Nvidia site and report this as a bug. Also open a bug report with TC.

We can’t let Nvidia pretend to fix this issue again, then actually fix it when gears 6 releases. Which is exactly what happened with gears 4. They pretended the bug was fixed, removed it from their bug tracker and then actually fixed it a day before gears 5 launched. Pure scumbagery.

TC also claimed it was fixed, which is why they can’t be let off the hook either. They worked with Nvidia to “fix” it before, so they’ll have to again.

The only way they’ll truly fix this is with immense social pressure. Pressure from TC will help too. So report the bug everywhere you can, especially with Nvidia and TC.

I fought the good fight back in the gears 4 days to try and get this same issue fixed, but I failed, despite countless hours wasted.

I don’t have it in me to fight this fight again, and am praying i won’t be affected by the bug this time.

Please pick up the torch I left from Gears 4 and carry on the fight in my absence.

If you don’t, you’ll be stuck on your current driver for years again.


I have a 1050 to and i keep getting a fatal error then game crashes and i have no sounds

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Use the driver from August 27th. My buddy was crashing with the new ones and this driver is working fine.


Good to know, i did download it but not installed yet. I will hold off for now.

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Having issues with the GRD that was just released and the previous one as well. Game crashes to desktop within 10 minutes into a game. At this point, I’ve spent more time trying to troubleshoot the the issue than play lol.

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Yup that’s the fix for now I went to nvidia and got me the August 27th driver of 2019 for the gtx 1080 ti ppl get this old driver back if ur screen turns off u get no signal and gives errors and crashes from there new driver on September 10th And for sure bro I will report to this bug to ngridia

No, not everyone.

only people who have the capacity and know how to report valid and actionable feedback should do so, with crash dumps and system info provided

There are people across the entire 10 series line without issues. Some people for whom it was fixed in 436.15 are still enjoying the game with 436.30, while others the issue is returned.

Actional application dumps, and those willing to provide PIX traces are going to be the ones most helpful to identifying a problem.

Not to mention there are now RTX users also reporting crashing, who weren’t on previous drivers.

Keep in mind a windows update dropped at the same time, so everything is on the table right now.

I never had issues before with this bs game beside high ping in gears 4 I had 40 now 150 to 200 and had other annoying issues but with this new drive nope it crashes my system bad went back to the old one works good with all those annoying issues but miner issues this game is a failed since day one coalition didn’t work with nvidia closely and not to mention how do ryzen cards do almost as good as the 1080 ti and 2080 ti and those ryzen cards aren’t even top of the line we need a driver to optimize the game better fix high ping especially fix the new driver and the a button constantly rolls the auto aim in game is bad ppl don’t land shots and get kills u can’t push ppl because walls bounceing is bad asf the game is to slow I cn go on for ever I don’t why I bother with gears anymore but I’m hopeing cliff comes back to the gears franchise

They aren’t ryzen cards, they are radeon’s, and they do well against the Geforce line because currently a specific performance optimization that would let RTX and Pascal cards perform a bit better is forcibly turned off and ignored if manually enabled.

you need to stop running off on tangents though, the performance of Geforce products is fully in TC’s ball court right now.

Ryzen Radeon who care clearly I’m a nvidia user I don’t really keep up with amd cards or CPU’s the fact is coalition don’t care much for the pc community haven’t u played gears of war 4 well if u had u would know so C ur way out of these convos if u don’t have a solution on how to get these lames at coalition or nvidia to fix the dam game or any solution to current issues happening now then bounce foo nobody asked you for a AMD Trivia lol

Same. I played all last night on Versus and Escape with no crashes using the new driver. 1080 Ti overclocked.

Weird driver issues.

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