Nvidia GTX 1060 GPUs no longer crashing?

(Max Thinkies) #1

Have any of you with the GTX 1060 tried playing Gears 4 yet? I’ve been playing it for more than a week now with 0 crashes since the lastest driver update on my 1060, interested to know if its worked for anyone else.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

Many people are getting worse crashes or going straight to DSOD. Mine have been inconsistent. I got frequent crashes last week on 1070ti but played yesterday and today for a couple hours ea with zero crashes.

(Max Thinkies) #3

So I’m definitely just lucky.

(GhostofDelta2) #4

Mine have been averaging 2 hours or less per crash with the last couple of Nvidia updates. Seems whatever Nvidia did recently has made things much worse for me.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

Sorry to hear that. Mine got much worse, then the most recent nvidia update (which I had delayed downloading until this week) may have helped as I’ve probably gone 10hrs crash free.

Thankfully, the servers are no longer giving me 160ping every match so the game is finally playable again for me.

Ghost, have you ever heard of this or know what might trigger it?.. Every so often my Logitech mouse profile will change to another profile. I know it’s happened when I can no longer zoom in or pick up ammo. I don’t know what on earth causes it but it’s another embarrassing pc quirk that I have to explain to friends during gameplay.

(GhostofDelta2) #6

Never heard of that one sorry mate.

(blindeyes133) #7

For the longest time I had this problem and had to stop for like a year. But, as of now, I believe it’s fine.

(sancris777) #8

I dunno about the 1060 but i know with my 1080 the game makes my entire computer blue screen now

(Max Thinkies) #10

Super unfortunate to hear, it’s the opposite for me now, before it would crash and give me the blue screen error, now, 0 crashes.

(HoesEatOreos) #11

i have a gtx 1070

when the game crashes the whole computer freezes and i need to hit the restart button every time

always seems to freeze on the final wave of boss rush

(A1rT3cH) #12

Hello all,

I am getting a lot of crashes with 1080. One reason why I do not play ranked is because of the crashes. My whole computer freezes also.


Have a nice day!

(HoesEatOreos) #13

i installed driver 382.33

didn’t crash at all last night