Nvidia gamers are shunned

Posted about this before. Frame rate is only consistent when I lock it to 90. I have a rtx 2080. I can run almost all other games 144 FPS. Fix this or I want a refund

The Nvidia Game Ready Driver for Gears 5 should be out Sep 10th. Hopefully they get the framerate stable by then.

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We shouldn’t have to wait till then. If the game is unplayable during the early access then the early access doesn’t matter


My 2080 runs it just fine

I have an RTX 2060 running it at 100+ fps on high/ultra.

Apparently the game ready driver drops in a couple days, but until then most people recommend 436.15

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Do you
Use shadow play or any overlays like that?

This at the moment can’t be helped the coalition isn’t in control of when nvidia release a driver update. that is up to nvidia.

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