Nvidia drivers that are stable?

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Any news on a new stable driver for us Nvidia PC users?
Only asking as a few of us are having to roll back to the 382.53 drivers everyday as Windows is forcing them to be updated. This is a shame as I love playing gears but the lack of support for us is getting beyond a joke now. I’d be surprised if I even get a response on here.

Thanks, p.s I did send a message about this on twitter but failed to get a response.

[Edit]: I am uninstalling this game due to the crashing issue. If this doesn’t get fixed by Gears 5 then I will not be buying that which is a shame really seeing as I’ve been a gears fan since '06.

Never crashed on 397.37


Which gpu do you have? Settings etc? any program hook? (e.g Windows Game bar, Shadowplay etc)

On my 1080 398.36 is pretty safe but yesterday Gears made my entire pc freeze but still this driver is the one i had the best luck with

I have a 970 GTX.

Settings - mostly maxed out. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. Basically on 60FPS locked.

No programs running except Xbox App.

Used to crash once every hour or two but since that driver - not crashed since release.

Thats where you have an upper hand so to speak… I use a 1080ti, which to all the research I’ve done its the GTX 10 series cards that seem to have problems.
Even the new 20 series don’t seem to have many problems which is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. We shouldn’t have to Upgrade or downgrade just to play this game. Gears is the only game this happens on… I’ve played other Microsoft titles on PC which I’ve never crashed on. E.g Sea of Thieves, all the latest Forza games. I mean even Gears UE doesn’t crash on PC.
I’m done with this game until they fix this issue now… and like I edited above. I won’t be buying Gears 5 if its still a thing.
I’m actually gutted its taken this long and all we get is that “they are working on it”.

Gears 1 PC have massive issues.

I remember having to do a ritual to make it work.

Clean Install.

All windows updates.

Then install Gears.

Update Gears.

Update GFWL

And THEN it would work.

Plus I have crashed before and frozen on my setup until that specific driver and then no more.

Its funny because I actually have Gears 1 GFWL installed and that 12 year old game runs better than Gears 4 lol

Don’t get me wrong, once you get it going, it runs very good.

I remember running that game maxed out, 2K @ 60FPS locked and damn that was so amazing.

I would hit sniper headshots via controller so easily due to it being so smooth and on a 30” monitor rather than a 52” TV.

Those were the glory days :sweat_smile:

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