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Nvidia Driver update 436.30 Will fix Stuttering for PC (MAKE SURE WINDOWS IS UP TO DATE)

Download this update from here - to fix the stuttering. And update windows, they just brought an update to help with a lot of problems.

This driver has helped some people and caused more issues from others unfortunately.

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Yea, the main problem with this driver is that it brings back the GW502 crash at a high rate. It usually happens either after launching the game, just past the opening cinematic, or when going back to the menu after gameplay.

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One step forward, one step backward.

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0 Step forward and 1000 steps backward. I have crashes randomly.

At the end of my first video the game freezes.

And the second video it freezes on main menu.

Repeating the same awful experiences on PC like Gears of War 4.

I’m sorry this hasn’t helped, I figured why not make a post because it helped me.