Numerical Health Value

Does anyone know how much health a player actually has? Combat Medic has the Healing Bounty card that heals players for 1500HP on killing their marked target, problem is we don’t know the max hp value so that 1500hp could be a worthless 15% or an amazing 75-100% heal and actually worth using in a pinch.

Knowing the health value would be nice to compare it with the increase x% HP cards, perks and energy tap buff. 10-50% of an already low number is still a pretty low number, but percentages get better when the base value is already high

I would also like to know how much HP Jack has as it’s clear he has considerably less since I’ve been 2 shot by an Enforcer before. Which makes his 50% HP increase meaningless and would only make him survive 1 extra shot for an absurd energy investment

I think it is 1000hp on Master since if you kill someone with the ice in Icebound in Horde, it says you did 1000 damage. If you have Crazy Tough or Perk Up on, it becomes 1600hp when you do the same.

We have more than 1000, less than 2000. So that card will heal a very decent chunk every time.
Although last time I used it, it didn’t actually work for anyone except the Medic.

Also, I’m pretty sure nearly all % bonuses, if not everything, are additive and not multiplicative. So for example health perk + 4 maxed out taps is +150% health, not base health*2*1.5.

5 points of health is the correct answer.

Meanwhile, PvP health is 600. Just to make the grind-achievements even more grindy.