Numbers don't add up

So after being told about the "tens of thousands "…playing 5…i tried for about an hour in the custom lobbies for a game of horde (1pm ish…uk time)…6 pages of games (approx 300 players if full!)…most only had 1 to 2 players …others u joined but couldnt get a team…reality was probably 170 ish players in total…couple of games that did start (not with 5 plys)…host or others quit…so i do chuckle at the defence in these forums…about the healthy numbers playing…the reality for this game is very different🙄


doing math here @foosniper the amount of players in Gears 5 should be around 2300 in the good days and on low traffic should be like 800 players. Even Yoshi’s game have a bigger crowd .

On the political side I don’t blame the players , I blame the game , its a miracle that stays afloat in its current state.

Imagine Gears 3 Ultimate with better graphis and more gore be released I could positively calculate that more than 2 million players would be on board playing it to the core.

The game its the problem. not the math I’m afraid my friend.


Fully aware of the problems dan…just highlighting that a game that set out with 3 mill players…cant muster more than a couple of hundred mid afternoon…and still couldnt get a game…the fact horde has been tossed aside probably dont help m8🤔


I tried yesterday playing horde on 5 but couldn’t find a game on customer lobbies , at the end I ended up playing a game of a big elephant just destroying everyhing in its path its called " TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT " … its great and worked flawlessly.


Yep i dropped onto battlefront 2 for some coop…unlimited ammo…choice of character/class…before and during the game…fun and my valuable time…not wasted🙄


I remember loading up Gears 3 roughly before Christmas in 2011, so the game had been out roughly the same amount of time Gears 5 has and i remember seeing 240,000 players playing versus in the main menu. That doesn’t include the player count from horde or the campaign just versus.

I obviously have no idea how many players Gears 5 currently has but i just can’t imagine it has retained as many as Gears 3 did after three months considering it takes me four to six minutes to find a KOTH game at peak times in the UK


@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o Gears 3 didn’t have Delivery Driver mac my friend and still the game did rock !! and continues to rock as of today !.

The lobbies still are full for playing last time I checked about a week ago.

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He was probably still busy doing his job as a delivery driver, i heard from a very reliable source that he had van problems and had to go to his cousin Car Mechanic Mac for help at the time, unfortunately the repairs would cost too much so Mac decided to stop delivery’s and join the C.O.G. Isn’t that right Ryan wink


I hope theres more kicking about in verses…than there is horde…peeps simply not enjoying boring, one dimensional gameplay…fk knows who this horde was aimed at…for sure it wasnt gears players🤔


Never heard of that background story before. However joining the C.O.G. would have been the best decision since it pays better than being a delivery driver and could afford to have a wife a nd a bunch of kids man .

Nice to greet you man. :slight_smile: always a pleasure to talk to you man.

Hey foo,

For myself I’m pretty much done until tour 2. So maybe many others are the same?

However once that drops I’ll be on like crazy. :smile:

So maybe others are in the same boat?

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Dont bother with tour hu1k…the grind aint rewarding…but look me up when ur about m8😁

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if interesting and good skill scards appear , I would definitely be interested on the grinding process. but nowadays… well you know, the skill cards are lame as oak…


I don’t understand how you couldn’t find a game. There were 12 pages of custom games last night.

Nerfing weapons…buffing enemies…game imbalanced…jd, kait and now this keegan fella…makes the game a borefest…these gl guys…well lets takeaway your bleed/power cards…give them a torque bow…watch a very different game develop🤔

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Most of the games published on the custom section were games listed however when you tried to join in, the games were closed or there weren’t a lot of people to play with.

I couldn’t play at all clicking on several of them and that why a decided to play the game of the elephant. “TEMBO” so the speak . :slight_smile:


Just simply not many players there…poor hosts ect…actually felt like i was looking in pubs lobbies🤣

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I really hate that character… looks like colonel sanders on steroids.


Dont know any of these stumps they’ve put in the game…they weren’t wanted/needed…the community in horde/verses are continually asking for their favourite characters…sarah fckn connor…jesus need i say any more🙄


6 of the 12 pages were beginner matches.
I like a chance to earn something other than green cards.

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