Nuclear gnasher Skin

I followed all the instructions to get the Nuclear Gnasher a few months back and still NEVER received it, im very disappointed that with the $100’s n $100’s i spent on this game that they couldn’t simply give me that FREE skin after i followed all the instructions. I really hope someone from the coalition can do something about it id even be willing to pay for that skin if thats my only option.

$100’s and $100’s? Now that’s a waste of money.


No kidding but the way they set it up and to keep buying e supporter packs its adds up

First no one forced you to spend $100’s on a rigged system But any ways did you post in the missing skin thread?? Did you claim the weapon when the time came??


Yay a skin from many months ago that will be used for a week or so and move on to the next skin.

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And this is the exact reason why we will see this garbage in 5.

But still, You probably should try to contact them on Twitter if you still really want your skin. Seems they are way more active there than here.

one guy on here spent $4000 or something like that on the packs

God what a waste, I cannot even fathom why you would spend the equivalent of a house payment on digital skins that will mean nothing in a few years.

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money ain’t a major issue for him but the sad fact is that TC and MS made a profit off of him so they will continue this crap with RNG

Yea i did but i didnt write to the missing skin tread thanks. I your right know one made me spend the ca$h but my dumb ■■■ but never the less i did what was required and never got the skin, the money i spent is just a point i made