NPCs Telling Me What To Do

Hi TC,

Campaign is a whole lot of fun despite a whole lot of bugs. Thanks, I’m really enjoying it. Gonna wait for about 6 months for the wrinkles to be ironed out before I attempt insane difficulty.

Soooo, about NPCs giving instructions to me every ten seconds or so.
-I’m looking for ammo (a very common thing in these games) and being told to hurry up every tens seconds or so.
-I’m searching for, and actually reading and enjoying, the various lore item collectibles that YOU put throughout the game and being told to hurry up by my squad mates.
-I’m searching for the next thing to do (not always obvious in these games, I like to look before using the tac com, makes me feel like I’m in there, doing it) and being told to hurry up by NPCs.
-I stop gaming to type this stuff, I’m being told to hurry up by NPCs (so I pause the game, and so can’t have the background noise as ambience while I type).

Please, please, please can we have the option to turn off NPCs dishing out often smart mouthed repetitive commands and demands. It affects my ability to feel immersed due to the remarkably unrealistic nature of this contrived feature.

It would also be great if my squad mates didn’t tell me to “watch my aim” after they walk in front of me while I’m firing an assault rifle. These are supposed to be hardened soldiers. They should know not to do that. And as simulations of human beings, they should also know it is their fault for walking in front of someone firing live rounds.

Sorry, but it is exceedingly irritating for me, don’t know about anyone else…

Yes! Them blaming me when they walk across my gunfire always made me giggle

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