Now top 3 maps TC has made from gears 4 and 5?

I already asked your top 3 map remakes but what are your top 3 new original maps TC has made either from gears 4 or gears 5? Mine are reclaimed, exhibit, allfathers arena. Other still good but didn’t make the cut are impact, diner, speyer, foundation.

Allfathers arena is by far my favorite one, though I think it’s just too large for 10 players. Should have been a FFA map.

The Skyboxes in most of Gears 5 are awful, they just look really fake for example Training Grounds, Bunker, heck even Allfathers Arena is bad

Anyways my picks
Reclaimed Windflare

Ice Bound.


Glory, allfathers, foundation, speyer. All have great skyboxes

I really like Harbor, District and Foundation.
Allfathers arena is cool so far, but I need to play on that map for atleast 15-20 hours to decide, whether I really like the map that much. I liked most Gears 5 maps in the beginning, but after 3 months now, most of them are kinda not that interesting. However, I love the dynamic elements they put into the maps, like the frozen lake in Icebound or the trains on Asylum. I hope they keep doing that!

Foundation, Exhibit, Asylum.

Runner ups is Reclaimed and Harbor.

Asylum, Foundation and Allfathers Arena are my favorites. I love Exhibit, Speyer and Lift as well

Foundation, District, Diner. Runner ups: all maps that don’t have “towers” where it’s easy to bunker down and camp throughout the entire match.