Now the exclusive skin list ๐Ÿ˜

Aape Camo Kait - Promotional
Gears Esports Kait - Loyalty Series
Glacial Armor Kait - Promotional
Ice Kait - Promotional
Gilded Kait - Loyalty Series
Black Steel Kait - Gears Esports

Gilded Jd - Loyalty Series

Batista - Promotional
Batista As Marcus - Promotional
Father Gearsmas Marcus - Event
Gilded Marcus - Loyalty Series
Azure Marcus - Promotional
V-Day Marcus - Event

Carbon Fiber Jack - Collectorโ€™s Edition
Ice Jack - Promotional
Jack Oโ€™ Lantern Jack - Event
Ugly Sweater Jack - Event

Mechanic Mac - Promotional

Itโ€™s Johnny - Gamerโ€™s Outreach

Nutcracker Shepherd - Event

Murder Pool Lizzie - Event

Uir Cosmonaut - Tour Of Duty IV

Sarah Connor - Promotional
Grace - Promotional

Xavier Woods - Promotional
Big E - Promotional
Kofi Kingston - Promotional

Trinity Vrol - Tour Of Duty VIII

Abominable Grenadier - Event
Chrome Steel Grenadier - Gears Esports

Swarm Winter Hunter - Gears Esports

Krampus Scion - Event
Gilded Scion - Loyalty Series

Blood Moon Imago - Loyalty Series
Frankensteinโ€™s Imago - Event

Blood Red Speaker - Tour Of Duty II
Winter Speaker - Gears Esports

Lambent Raam - Tour Of Duty V
Gilded Raam - Loyalty Series

Armored Ronin Kantus - Tour Of Duty III

Locust Hybrid - Tour Of Duty VI
Thrashball Drone - Tour Of Duty VIII

Rabid Grenadier - Event

Trinity Skorge - Community

Regenerating Ukkon - Tour Of Duty VII

Blood Red Queen Reyna - Tour of Duty VI

Rev 9 - Promotional
T 800 - Promotional


Pumpkin Jack, Gearsmas Jack, nutcracker, abominable grenadier, krampus scion are all store items that have returned multiple times.

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Yus this is correct


If TC was to add more to the store from this list what would you wish from what list

Loyalty Series
Gears Esports
Collectorโ€™s Edition
Gamerโ€™s Outreach
Tour Of Duty

I personally wouldnt want any, but if I had to choose, probably esports.

H u h i swear esports kait was part of the loyalty series then again im dumb dumb bout esport stuff

She was.

I think.

she was i was too lazy to do the stream stuff though

Give away everything that wasnโ€™t a reward for doing something difficult.

Shes wack tbh.

Esports Kait with the hat is Loyalty

falling through the ground in horde by a sire is pretty hard to do

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What about getting shot entirely through a pillar?


Not as bad being grabbed by air and getting ripped in half (matraiach has some force powers)

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what bout doing this?

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Thats pretty impressive actually.

Thank you glad i clipped it!

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TC deleted the Terminator & AAPE bundles from the store

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Good :joy:

As feedback, it could be nice if you post if the skin can be redeemed with a code, like Mechanic Mac.