Now that the scorcher is likely to be added to gears 5, that means there is hope for the saw'd off

miss this weapon. Was a ■■■■■■ gnasher but was good for a support playstyle of lancer and whipping it out, bouncing to the guy/strafing and 1 shotting them. Active I think aswell bumped up the range of it a bit. Was just a cool weapon to use.

Idk if loadout or pickup (like retro/boltok). But yeah, would love this weapon back. Very nostalgic for me. If the overkill can exist, which has an insane gib range and can gib 4 people in 1 clip, idk why the saw’d off is controversial.


Please no :disappointed: I see that almost nightly on Gears 3,_poxy weapon.:dizzy_face:

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Even though I rarely ever play PvP in 5, please no to bringing back this weapon. I don’t want it in PvP or PvE.

The OVK is already in the game and far better.

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Overkill is crap tbh terrible replacement

Not likely, as there’s already the Gnasher and the Overkill. If they do add new weapons, they most likely have to be of a different class, like the only thing you could compare the Scorcher to is the Cryo Cannon, And that weapon works entirely different and is a heavy weapon. While having the Talon makes it highly unlikely that we’ll ever get the Gorgon Pistol again as they work similarly. There already are two shotgun variants, so I doubt we’ll get to see the Sawed-off in the foreseeable future.

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Nope, no thanks. The sawed off should be buried and forgotten. Overkill is just fine.

It would be perfect for Cole in horde/escape (his class) lol, otherwise I don’t think I’ll be using it in versus.

No. End of discussion.


Idky people hate the sawed off so much. It would work very well as a power weapon like the over kill. And they could use the nerfed judgement version instead of the behemoth gears 3 version.

We could get the how 2 gorgon instead of the how 3 version. In how 2 it was a burst weapon instead of full auto

Have you actually tried using it? The Overkill in Gears 4 was trash, but in Gears 5 it is insanely powerful.

Personally I want the Booshka or the Breechshot added in

Yes I have its completely busted and boring to use.

So its crap

Sawed-off was a cool weapon and all, but frankly it doesn’t deserve to be brought back over other weapons.

Ink Grenades, Boomshield, Mortar, even some of the other Gears 3 weapons like One-shot or Vulcan would be better because they’re more unique.

Sawed-off isn’t special because we have Gnasher/Overkill in its stead, regardless though I highly doubt they’ll add any more weapons to Gears 5.

Well, that comment didn’t age well…