Now all the "Of War," Memes are Dead

I remember when people were saying that Gears 5 dropping the “Of War,” from the title was appropriate because there was no war going on in Gears 4 (at least not a large scale, it was the beginning of a war)

But by Act 2, it’s pretty clear that we’re in for something that’s not like Gears 4 and does give me heavy Gears 2 vibes.

Opening with a big battle/Carmine Death.
Travel to New Hope.
Return to city for another big battle.

Both of these describe Gears 2 and 5. I haven’t seen any yet, but I’m glad to see the “There’s no more war in Gears of War,” argument has been dropped.

Now all we have to wait out is the servers and the new Gnasher haters.


It seems like they cut huge chunk of the story out copy pasted left over voice recordings and tried to extend the game with spongy AI and pointless open world missions.