Now AI bots & gnasher mag size need to adust to the new gnasher

AI bots are still stupidly OP with instant laser accurate targeting, no recoil/bloom, and the ability to see you through walls… And NOW, our gnashers are WEAKER… This is BS…

TC seems to be forgetting that this is supposed to be fun! Getting insta lancered down from across the map the instant you poke your head out, over and ovee, is not fun…

Loved coop in giw4. In 5 it sucked with a big gib ranfe gnasher. It doubly sucks now.

And, now that we are playing for damage, for 2-3 shot downs, with you, FFS, get rid of the 6 shot magazine???

NO ONE wants it! No one, TC! No one has expressed support for it! The best I see is people saying they can live with it… No one LIKES IT!

Just give up on it, already, why TF is TC sticking with it like Twitch is sticking with Alinity : no matter what :wink:


Wait a second… they changed the damage curves for the Gnasher in PVE too?

Coop vs AI probably.

I hope so. Honestly, if they tweaked the values for PVE I would probably be done with this game. A decision like that is so shortsighted, its painful.

I only feel like I need to ask because that’s how TC handled the launch hammerburst in Gears 4. I remember shredding enemies with it in Horde and campaign, and after they nerfed it to balance versus, it quickly became apparent that the change was applied globally.

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I like the 6 shot gnasher

Yes, it is social versus, not Horde…

Hey, everyone likes different things, right, I think we have 3 users here who express their support for the GAME all the time, so it’s only natural there might be a few people who prefer having LESS ammo to work with, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s almost universally hated.

Maybe against bots but against players the Gnasher is still plenty strong. I expected it to be weak as hell but I actually like what I’m seeing right now. Maybe 2v2 will be less of a skillless mess now.

yeah, I’m not complaining about the state of the gnasher , rather about the relative state of players with gnashers going against bots with lancers now…

Well, not complaining about the gnasher’s DAMAGE, I think this change made the 6 rounds even bigger a problem.

They said: we put 6 rounds in the gnasher because the gnasher was going to be MORE powerful than Core. In the end it wasn’t… So already the 6 rounds were misplaced… Now they made it even ‘weaker’, but are STILL holding onto 6 rounds, which was driven by the idea the gnasher was going to be STRONGER…

Makes no sense…

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