Noticeable character differences (Just pointing them out)

So while i was playing gears of war 5 today, i looked at some character differences and changes.

It’s not an issue, just something i want to point out with other people if i can…

Starting with the Op 3 Carmines, I checked out classic baird and compared him to anthony & benjamin, I’ve got to say the armor is very similar, but the shoulder’s seem to be more high on the carmines. I don’t know why…

so moving on to Anthony and the cog gear, they are definitely different, especially since cog gears have these elbow pads. What’s odd is the elbow pad isn’t really on the elbows, so idk if it’s because of the time it would take to animate those pieces or something else…

I checked out the voices for Locust and tried comparing to classic voices. It turns out the Locust drones have some sound modifier on them, which makes them hard to hear and their laugh emote is quite short comparing to the original locust laugh which was longer and louder as if the locust was crazy, which they are technically…

I checked descriptions of characters and again gonna be pointing them out as always.
The cog gears have the old line then this new pledge:
“…I shall hold my place in the machine and acknowledge my place in the coalition. I am a gear.”
The original description was:
“To be a gear is to be accepted into a unique bloodline, to have a bond tighter than blood”

I liked the old one, it represents the Cog as a military family instead of an actual army.

Now for the difference between old and new benjamin:
Well… there’s not really much except for his goggles size (same for anthony apparently), his arm ammo pouches which was introduced by gears 4 compared to his old arms being pouch-less and the medallion on every classic armor (don’t get me wrong, i like it.) compared to the old black painted symbol.

That’s kinda of all the things I could point out on characters, can’t point out anything on Myrrah since some of her voice lines are missing, but the ones she got are good anyways.

You might not’ve noticed but TC has given characters more individual sizes in Gears 5 - only for the PvE modes, but they can also be seen in customization. That what you’re trying to point out?

(It can be odd switching from something like Cole to Lizzie, or from any character to Lahni who is really not very tall.)

Wasn’t what i was pointing out, baird just has lowered shoulder armor compared to carmines, which is odd considering that Baird’s armor in the OG series was used for the carmines and had the same shoulder armor height.

Less noticeable character differences: JD from Gears of War 4 vs JD from Gears5 :upside_down_face:

(( Why there isn’t an Xbox avatar about Clayton !?:roll_eyes: ))

Not sure… probably just gears 3 wasn’t that famous or Epic went naughty and did a loot box in judgement instead of giving fan service.