Nothing comes close to Gears ESPORTS

Maybe I’m biased. But man, gears esports is so exciting to watch. This San diego tournament is entertaining. 5 rounds and 4 respawns is perfect.

Also icebound is very fun to watch. Not my favorite to play, but the most exciting matches in this tournament so far have been Icebound . Hm.


That rise clutch was pretty fun to watch ngl.

Shorter matches and “life management” has turned escalation into a fun mode to watch.

Still not good enough to play with randoms and sure as hell not on icebound, but definitely improved.

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No moment they bring back pink phantom its on. (If they do)

Even if they do it’ll just be a downgrade like black phantom. In gears 4 the phantoms were completely see thru. In 5 they seem more like a transparent matte.

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I also haven’t seen anything that comes close to the level of cringe in the Twitter posts frequently made while the tournaments are running. But that may also be partially down to my complete and total lack of interest in the “scene” for Gears and other games overall. Even during Gears 4 I’d only watch for the skins, something I have no intentions of ever doing again in Gears 5, because all TC does it for is to artificially inflate a probably rather poor viewer count. Sure didn’t hear anyone talking about how great the viewer count was in the first stream back in June(or was it July?) for Gears 5. I’ve heard quite the opposite.

And that also reminds me that there may have been a statement issued there wouldn’t be any more skins in streams. Yet, here we are.



Yeah sounds to me like you just dislike TC in general. Complaining about the Tweets to promote the event? That’s marketing bud lol.

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Nah, I just don’t find the way they try to promote these events to be very appealing. That’s got nothing to do with TC itself, though I do have some issues with some of their design decisions for Horde in 5.

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I missed the event. I WISH they marketed in on Facebook or IG so I can see it while looking at memes lol

I was able to watch most of the event and I have to say, every match was pretty damn entertaining.

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@Mark36111, seems like the perfect thread for ya bud.

Have you ever watched Overwatch. That ■■■■ gets intense.

My therapist disagrees.

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The OWL bangs hard.

Hey, everyone likes different things, it’s great that they are those who love to watch it… Clearly there is a market for it, and that’s great…

Personally, I went in and on the way to work today I watched the final… skipping forward… Yeah, I can probably watch it for 5-10min max, after that, not really all that interested…

I’m glad someone other than Optic, urgh, I mean NGR won, finally… need some new blood, it was getting boring, hearing all about Optic all the time…