Nothing but praise for TC with the Carmine Update!

I’ve complained before over Anthony Carmine’s voice-lines and the character losing his identity over the years and I’d just like to personally thank TC for restoring him to his former glory. I’ve been playing Gears of War since 2006 and have stuck with playing as him for 14 years and can say I’ve grown attached to the character. After being negative for so long I just want to say I finally am looking forward to the future of Gears 5 and can’t wait for the Horde and Escape update. Here is a bonus, my life size Carmine Helmet and Gears 1 lancer, hopefully you guys can go ever further and add the Gears 1 snub-nose lancer and original Gears 1 Carmine armor/helmet into the game. Thanks again!


Where’d you get the helmet from? Etsy? Pretty dope regardless!

Anthony’s as good as he can be, even if he still has some Ben lines (that only Anthony can say).

Nothing but praise… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(Nevermind that a large chunk of the community can’t use them.)

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“We kinda ■■■■■■ the Horde system from the last game we made that got praise. So deal with it because lol Overwatch my guy.”

I don’t mean to be a downer but I feel like this bit is often overlooked…

We don’t need the generic helmeted Gears because the Carmines (esp A and B) are supposed to represent the generic COG Gear. So TC has basically stolen their own thunder from this update because they thought it would be cool to add generic Gears to the game before the classic characters.

So now we have a redundancy on visual design between Anothony and Generic Gear and to a lesser extent, Benjamin.

So is the difference really meant to be dialog that is nowhere near as prevalent as it used to be?

It would have made more sense for TC to release the Onyx Guard as a character alongside Prescott, Hoffman and Jin, call it “The Allfsthers Collection” or “COG Leadership” etc.

Then, have Onyx Guard skin variants such as the GoW3 Onyx Guard skin, a Onyx Cadet skin and make up something like a Pendelum Wars skin, idk.

Of course if TC hadn’t tried to OW their characters… sorry “heroes and villains”, they could’ve just simply delivered far more content and be open to a lot more ideas.

It genuinly annoys me that there’s so many opportunities for themed content and characters from the world of Sera and Gears, that TC could have sustained a healthy output of content, one rhe players would have far more willingly bought.

Hopefully one day in the future, possibly on next-gen, TC stops chasing trends and starts to actually set them.

Too bad the new Carmines are not in Horde :frowning:

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If it were to be soon, they would have just waited and released a finished product.
PVE players will be waiting quite a while.:sleepy: