Nothin' But Bits!

I really feel like this quote was Gears’ version of “Do you guys not have phones?”

What a time to be alive.

They should have more skill-based achievements instead of pointless monotonous grinds. I understand part of Gears are the Seriously achievements, but does anyone at TC think these motivate people to actually play their game legitimately? We all just kill idle controllers in a private match.

Love how the people that don’t care about achievements chime in. Math is hard for GB6.


Wait, Dana left? This weekend just got a whole lot better!

Over a month ago, iirc. How didn’t you know?

Unless you’re just pretending to not know so your weekend isn’t another one you spend doing little at home like us unsocial humans have been even before the virus came.

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Nope, somehow slipped passed my radar. His contract up? Fired? Someone permanently wipe that smug look off his face?


Suppose I could have used the search function. That explains why I hadn’t heard, I was in surgery at the time.

Define legitimately.

This is exactly my point… 100k kills in Versus is an insane requirement, I know gears of war games are notorious for long grindy achievements but in my opinion this takes the mick. A lot of people enjoy other games and therefore don’t want to sit on gears all day in a private match idle boosting it’s not fun it’s tedious and annoying.

Well, I just checked my stats and I have 49964 kills. Maybe this achiev isn’t as crazy as i thought.