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This achievement for 100k kills in Versus is an absolute joke, the games not exactly the most active game and can take 5+ minutes to put you in a ranked game of course you can play against bots but who wants to do that? I know gears games are known for grindy achievements but the Gears 5 list takes it to a new level, There is zero need for this level of grind.


Hm? Former TC employee Dana Sissons said it takes like 3 weeks with 2hours played per day. Are you saying TC has no clue what they’re doing?


I’m deeply sorry the achievements haven’t been pathetically easy for you. Would you rather it were 10 kills?

If you enjoy Versus then it shouldn’t be a problem, you can always Co-Op Vs A.I.

Currently Versus is ruined with the awful tuning but I’m sure TC will see sense and revert it eventually.


Let’s do some fun math.

Let’s say you are an average player and are able to hit an average of 60 eliminations in KOTH game that lasts somewhere around 24 minutes (3 rounds)

We need 100,000 eliminations right?

Ok so. that means that if we are able to hit our goal of 60 elims per game, we would divide 100,000 by 60: 1.666 Games.

So, since every game on average would last 24 minutes, we multiply 1,666 * 24 = 40,000 minutes

Let’s see how much that would be in hours, 40,000 / 60 = 1440 Hours.

Let’s go further and divide it by days: That would be 60 days, assuming you would play non stop with instant queues and no loading screens.

But let’s say you play an average of 4 hours per day, we would divide 1440 / 4 = 360 days. That’s how much it would take you (still assuming instant queues and no loading screens)

This is of course being optimistic, since not every game extends to 3 rounds and some games you may get rekt and do less than 20 eliminations. And of course we still have to acknowledge that TC will make the game more boring than it already is so it would make it pretty hard to play more than 3 hours in a row.

In summary, revert this tuning please.


If only it were eliminations…it’s kills.


This makes it even more hilarious that people claim to have done it legitimately.


I think I’ve got about 40k kills and I missed about 3 operations of this game and work 40 hours a week. Obviously major lock down in the U.K. has helped boost those numbers massively though. No pubs, no clubs, no gym, no football :rofl::sob:

Certainly do able if we’ve got another 2+ years of this game.

Well damn. :rofl:

I don’t want it to be “pathetically easy” I just want it to be less time. Someone’s done the math below and you’re telling me that those numbers make you happy? Also CO-OP vs AI is boring why would you want to grind out 100k in that?

I will say to you just play, they probably gonna change the achievement sooner or later, they already did it with grinding season, who was « win a ranked game every week of an op » to « win 25 games in a op »

The problem with that is 99% of people enjoy playing more than 1 game for 3 years and also people have other obligations in “free time”. Pathetic achievement creation for this game in general. Reup 40 would basically double playtime of vs kills legitimately but they nerfed that into the ground so everyone is reup 50 now. If this achievement doesn’t get nerfed, it shows coalition has no idea what and why they are doing things.

I have the achievement so I could not care less. Got it before they nerfed the guardian afk spawn kill method. They remove things so you have to spend your whole life grinding their game that works about 60% of the time


Depends how you look at it. It is a hardcore achievement for people who do religiously play gears of war as their main game for its 3 year of so lifespan. Most achievements should be easy enough to get but there should definitely be those few that are real graft.

If someone doesn’t manage to get it so be it, no sleep lost. I won’t be going for it I’ll just be playing gears naturally and if I get it cool if not wipe away my tears.

Ok, but make skill based achievements then. Get a quad or a quint in a ranked match. Something not everyone can do but actually requires skill not just wasting your life to get the achievement. Asking people to spend 3years of their free time is a terrible approach to an achievement.

They don’t have anything remotely hard for pve players to “achieve”.

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Certainly could be more unique achievements and pve based one but all I see is too many people crying over something that is rightfully hard to achieve. Not everything is (or should be) done with a little weeks grind in gaming

I don’t think this particular achievement is an issue it’s the lack of other ones.

As a developer gears needs to evolve towards today’s world. They don’t get any compliments for their Grindy achievements. Just constant complaints. And when they finally are convinced they need to change them hey go way way way overboard. Look at BFF and reup changes. Takes 20% of the time they use to take. Nobody was asking for a nerf so everyone was BFF or max reup. They just wanted something that was achievable for dedicated gamers in a reasonable fashion.

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But is it hard or time consuming. This is not something I consider hard, except if you mean the internal choice to waste my life or not lol

Just see it as a more end game achievement

If a new gears isn’t out until say late 2022-2023 I’d imagine many regular PVP players would achieve it from simply playing. Especially ranked where you can wrack up the kills.

Bro, be like me. I don’t care about Re-Ups, I don’t care about Achievs, I don’t care about skins, I don’t care about Emotes or Marks. I only care about Good Quality Gameplay. Sadly I don’t have that anymore so, math is more fun.


Math is always more fun

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Happy? No.

I couldn’t give a fragrant :poop: either way.