Not to be a Shill or anything

But OP4 has really turned me around on Gears 5 again. During OP2/3 I just played to finish the TOD and 70% of the medals, but with OP4 I’ve found myself playing for hours and hours in FFA, 2v2s and KOTH. The game feels fun again. Feels good.

Anyone else feeling more positive? I still have my issues with TC as a whole and the TOD this time around–but gameplay wise (arguably the most important part) it feels better and I’m a little bit more hopeful for OP5 if it can stay just about where it is.

These are from FFA. The second one is what I’m TALKING ABOUT LETS GO MONEYFAIRIES. I don’t feel like a comeback on that level was possible with the tuning I used a lot in OP3. But yet here I am now in OP4, making it happen…


It’s sad that you have to instantly put a little disclaimer about not being a “shill”. Just because people don’t hate something, instantly makes them a “shill”. The hyper-critical “OMG DIS IS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD EVA!” community need to learn some perspective. I hate their sort. :smiley:


I was doing it more tongue-in-cheek but yeah it’s still pretty true.

Although there was a time I truly was a shill when gears 5 launched. And that changed around OP3. Now—I am jaded to everything in the world so OP4 being enjoyable is surprising and I’m glad for it.

In terms of content, we are getting there but in terms of gameplay, I’ll put it this way: tuesday and wednesday were nearly perfect, everything worked fine. Thursday and beyond? either the servers went straight to hell or TC came up with a ninja update since now everything works like poop.

Some say the aim assist, other magnetism, lag compensation, just take your pick. I just can’t understand how the game played so good for 2 days straight and then it went to the extreme opposite?

I have hopes, I want the game to succeed but maybe whatever was that made the game good was considered a bug and someone at TC decided they needed to “fix it”.

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Okay, Shill.

Just kidding :slight_smile:

I have fun too. The PvE changes are great.

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I’ve been seeing wayy more people in KOTH than I ever did before, tons of folks I’ve never seen before, I’ve played so much KOTH that I could remember like 25% of all the people that played it lol, don’t know if its just all the TDM players migrating or if its just people dusting off their copy of Gears 5, but the game seems to be in a really good spot right now.

TC can still do a lot more with Horde (bigger challenges would be welcome) and Versus needs another really good gametype and some better CQC maps, but overall I love most of OP4 :slight_smile:

Shill shill shill shill shill


I agree! Before, i got bored after playing just 2 matches. The gow feeling was lost on me at the time

Now i want to play match after match after match. The main reason is that the auto aim is “gone” and i can now control the outcome of a gnasher fight (to a degree). One other reason is the updated roster of characters. I hated seeing just Kait and swarm drone when it launched.

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I thought we got passed the whole shill thing a little while ago? I haven’t seen a post with shill in it in a while.

Buster out!


Op 4 is great. Definitely a huge turn around for Gears 5.

Excited to see what’s in store for the rest of this Operation and beyond.


I’ve only been playing Escape with a few from here but liking the changes and hopefully the change to come in the next three months for Ops 5.

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Tues and Wed the servers were constantly down. I’ve been on since Thursday (5 day weekend) and it’s been perfect.

Yeah, I hadn’t seen it for a while either. But I still hate the word. But this is what the GOW community does - it makes you hate certain words. Like “trash” - I dread Monday evenings when I take the trash out cos it makes me think of GOW fans.

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Lmao…pretty funny man

“Not to be a shill”.

Sounds like something a shill would say.
You on TC’s payroll?


Hi mate.
I agree to Op 4 being very good overall and for me certainly the best so far. I would also say I have spent more time with Escape and Horde over this last week than the last several months combined! So something is definitely more enjoyable.

I play koth daily anyway, so didn’t need to return, only a game or two though as I seem to have had lag 90% of the time. I even get the lag symbol up each game, even though I’m in Virgin media (uk) wired which for everything else on Xbox and ps works a dream.
Must be something with TC, Gears UE will NOT run over WiFi for me! It crashes each and every time.
I’m still spending more time with Gears 3 and to a lesser extent Gears 4. I still feel these are better “Gears” experiences.

Anyway back to your point. TC do seem to be going in the right direction, is it just coincidental that it is better since RC and RF left ? I don’t know…whatever it is very much appreciated and was desperately required.

The Store is better of course, I do feel the TOD has been diminished by it some what however.

Maps. Still not overly happy with getting legacy maps in that we have seen (too) many times.
For example if we were to have had maps made by UE4 then why not, Relic , Diner, Dawn etal. Or even UE maps,
That said I am glad TC have “owned” the lack of maps situation and I think they will come good with op 5. The new map is great.E

So yes I do think TC deserve praise for Op . I have said before they have to accept criticism, so conversely we have to be able to praise when it is due.

Locust Forever.


Seems to be a resources allocation problem then. For me it went from consistent gnasher to the same BS we all know about.

More inclined on the pve side most of the time and while the changes are nice, having to wait the better part of almost a year just to play as the rest of the carmines (My favorite characters.) has been a sucker punch. So honestly this operation has left me pretty disappointed. Store’s nice though, at least they’re doing something right.

Reclaimed was already ported over my guy…

I would argue TC did more in OP4 than they did the last 3 Operations combined, really impressive stuff in terms of content and changes.