Not TC's fault, can't play Gears

Lol… Keeps telling me I need to pay again foe the game, lol…

Great online service, Microsoft… You can’t even keep your authentication/authorization service up and running… This isn’t rocket science.

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Wtf is going on? Says to check Xbox support but nothing there explaining why this game suddenly broke again. Because it’s downloaded?

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Microsoft should get out of the console business and sell this license to anyone else.

There’s an issue with authenticating all digital games at the moment. It does happen but honestly it’s not that often and I’d know as I’ve been digital since launch of the Xbox One.

But oh well, I’m kinda tired anyways so I’m going to catch up on some sleep that I’ve missed over the last week. :zzz:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t tired when this happened.

Try a cold restart to see if you can get it to work again.