Not spawning/stuck at score screen when match starts

Lately most of my matches I don’t spawn or my character is just standing there with the score screen. Freakin hell please fix this the coalition. I just want to play your broken unbalanced game. Anybody else getting this issue? Also Im on a series x

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id have more fun being stuck like this than actually playing the new tuning

Arcade mode or normal quickplay/ranked?

Very helpful, you already have a containment-thread to complain. Maybe post there next time.

lol just joking

but this problem has happened for months now.

if you are visible on the map, they have to kill you to reset it and if you arent then you have to quit the match unfortunately and rejoin

Happens to me constantly still stuck after respawn.
Have to quit and start over, then happens again.

Neither of those solutions work for me; I have had this issue in arcade for months now. Someone killing me in spawn has worked maybe 1 out of 10+ attempts–it literally worked once.

The score screen stuck happens in arcade and the no spawning happens in normal versus e.g koth.

Very frustrating.