Not so micro transactions

It’s really clear where the devs are when it comes to the game. They update the store and make sure the store is without bugs or issues and if there is one like the leaked og del from gears 4 they fix it almost instantly. There are literally people who cannot complete the campaign because of game breaking bugs and glitches and their focus is maintaining the same Mac skin along a 8 dollar pistol exe. 8 dollars for an exe and 10 bucks for a weapon bundle .

There is no reason to inflate the price so high. League has the same price almost for their stuff but their art team is top tier and their game is free. FREE vs a ■■■■■■■■ lazy 15 chrome skin for15 bucks I’m sure I can get a beautiful skin in league or 2 dlc packs in smash.

Also for the dudes who say oh well game PaSs. Look at world of Warcraft. Look how hated their store mounts are. Everyone HATES that payed store in a subscription game.

Sans in smash is 75 cents and a crime fahz is 15 bucks. Come on TC what’s going with these over inflated junk?


The people bugfixing the game are a completely different group of people than the people working on skins, or the store. Implying that one takes focus off the other is a knee-jerk reaction.


Just remember when you press start the first thing to pop up is the store, not customisation. Says a lot really


Agreed, they are fast becoming a complete rip off, its even worse when they are in a AAA, full price title.

I wasn’t agreeing with you, I was pointing out it’s silly to care. It’s an imaginary action for an imaginary man. Whether it’s a penny or a hundred dollars, the value is all in your head.

haha, and i wasnt replying to you anyway.

They literally aren’t microtransactions.

plural noun: microtransactions

  1. a very small financial transaction conducted online."

40 dollar for 1 set of skins is not “micro” at all, 5 dollar for 1 weapon skin or 8 dollar for 1 execution animation is not “micro”.


Massivetransactions i like that sound of that, not what it would mean, but the sound

Or masstransactions


Gigatransactions perhaps?

The pricing of the umm… Transactions… Doesn’t come down to a supply and demand thing, it comes down to the bottom line. The P&L that the company has… The one that probably has a budget in dollars to how much money they should be bringing in on a monthly/quarterly/yearly time frame.

I think the information I would like to know is after an item is designed/created/tested/implemented what is the actual price tag on it? How many of that item do they need to sell to recoup the cost of putting it in the game. It’s not like there is upkeep that is done (unless it’s broke, or something else put in the game breaks it)

If they put a character skin in the game for say $20.00 and 1000 people buy it, that’s 20k minus the cost of creation. I could understand in say my industry where my billable time is $160.00 per hour where this creation process would get expensive. However I doubt the designers and such work on a billable rate schedule.

I am not one to complain too much about Gears, it’s kinda my jam. I have so much time and money invested over the course of this franchise that it’s almost saddening. What I will not do, is roll over and be taken advantage of. I will buy lot’s of content, if I feel the price is reasonable. And hell, even sometime’s if it’s not. I sunk a decent amount of cash buying Black Steel skins… But the crap content, at the obscene prices they have is just outrageous.

No, I don’t have to buy it if I don’t want to, however one of the things that “I” personally like to do in the game is collect content. To get those cool looking skins… To have the freedom to change my character in any way that I want to my liking. I put 2000ish hours in Gears 4, probably double that in 3. This is my hobby and it’s what I enjoy doing. So if I voice my opinion that they screwed the pooch on an aspect of the game that is important to me, on the forum that is here for us to voice our opinions… Well… It is what it is…

@TC_Octus I don’t know how much you read the forums, I know you are not what I would consider an active member. And I totally understand, I stopped coming here on a regular basis after the game was released because of the influx of post’s… This crap that is the store needs to change… It is pretty awful, almost predatory in what you are charging for what you are getting. Gears 4 the RTJ cost $20.00 for 2 character skins, a full set of weapons, and emblem… Why in the world would you not keep that pricing structure.

Okay… I’m done… Sorry… This is really frustrating, because I had high hopes…


And shortly after that, cracking open enough Loot boxes to get the full UIR or Black Steel sets would cost up to hundreds of dollars, unless you were REALLY lucky. Let’s maybe not use 4 as a metric for a good micro transaction model.

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The one item I am using from Gears 4, is the one that had an extremely reasonable pricing point to it. $20.00 for everything in a set to me is a reasonable price to pay. In Gears 4 they only had what 3 things that you would spend real money on that couldn’t be obtained (unless you completed the challenge for Griffen)

Griffen, RTJ and Black Steel to my knowledge were the only things not obtainable in game via using credits. And the RTJ set was the one that had the most reasonable price tag associated with it.

Now to take a large percentage of the content and put it in a real money only store, vs. being released to get from random loot boxes? There really is no difference in the practice here. I would take my chances with RNGeesus and be much happier than getting gouged for a single set of skins that cost almost as much as the game itself.




Well, businesses listen to their wallet the most.

The biggest message you can send a business is not buying their product.

Complaints they can deal with, if people are still buying their stuff.

Complaining won’t do a lot when there are already 5000 threads that say the same thing.

And if they don’t know the system is bad by now, before they have read your thread, then gosh, I don’t think anything ever will.

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I have played all gears thoroughly and have purchased the game (5) and refuse to play until they have changed the store and unlockables to actually be worth playing the game.
We should have heaps of unlockables without any purchases regardless. To be honest one of the best things about 4 was the unlockable content and I did not mind purchasing crates that had lots of unlocks that were worth my time and money.
I’m giving this game a few weeks then taking it back and trading it in as I won’t support such a money hungry system. I ALREADY BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. and let’s face it Microsoft has payed them for the exclusiveness of game pass, so come on, want to keep fans or destroy a great franchise for a measly quick way to make money then kill off a potentially great game.
Not paying a cent till I’ve unlocked a belly full amount first. ■■■■■■■■
Rant ended…

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I hate the fact that TC didn’t use the way of unlocking as in Gears 3. There you unlocked characters and skins by just completing certain objectives.

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