Not seeing the benefits of improved Ranking System @ TC (Please Read)

Quote from regarding ranking system.

Ranked System Improvements

We’ve made some design changes to the Ranking System calculations for Season 4. In this next Season, the swings of wins and losses should be less volatile than in Season 3.

It’s important to note that the Ranking System still follows the same rules in our calculations. If you lose to a team that you were highly predicted to beat, you’ll still see a bigger drop (and vice versa). If you beat a team you were highly predicted to beat, you’ll see a minimal change (again, same goes vice versa).

However, with this updated design in place, there won’t be such dramatic swings to rankings at the higher levels.


1 Loss against a D4, O3, O3,O3, O3

2 days in a row, me and my team go on a win streak to lose ONE game against similar rank (1-2) and drop a drastic amount. If the teams we lost to were bronze to gold tier I would understand completely, but the teams we lose to are Onyx- Diamond. I know I made a similar topic a couple of days ago, but in this topic I have proof. If you play solo, chances are half the team will quit before the 1st round is over. You play stacked, rank progression slows to a crawl and you get hit hard for losing. This is the last topic im going to make regarding the ranking system, just wanted to shed additional light on the issue as this is my favorite franchise on xbox. Also props to the console players that made it to D5, I have to admit its alot harder than i expected.

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