Not Seeing my "Gears Rockstar Energy" items

I just redeem all my awards yesterday and have yet to see anything pop up for my lancer skins what should i do?

I dunno if its this one or the chipsahoy but I know one or both have expired

so even if the site let me redeem the codes it wouldn’t work?

Once you redeemed them on the Rockstar website there should be a section for my stuff or something along those lines. In there there would be a code that you must redeem on Xbox.

Not sure if you did this since your question doesn’t specify.

The codes may hace expired but if that’s not the case then it goes like this:

  1. Redeem on rockstar
  2. Link xbox account
    3 if you fail 2, then redeem the code you got on 1 on (logged in with your xbox account).
  3. Several reports of items not showing up if you play on steam.
  4. A console reset just to be sure.

Oh no! You are totally missing out man. They are the best free rockstar items ever made!

Certainly better than the drinks themselves, lol.

I bought 7 cans just to get everything including the Wal-Mart and Circle K exclusives. Took a few drinks of one can and dumped the rest. Gross.

I always get the sugar free ones and those are way better.