Not Now, But Later... After TC Fixes all their Prioities, They Have A AFK, And Quit Penalty Adjust Awaiting, Them On The Other Side!

What This Post Has In Store For: 2 invisible Timers, Quit-Ping, Quit-MVP-Via quit, AFK-spectate-1x-Boot System on, Timer w/all overall AKK/idle in play accumalated time.

When Your AFK for certain amount of time, you switch over to a spectator. You yourself Have to put yourself back in play, if you still remain Idle that time is added to your Overall idle time for teammates to boot you, ( automatic? )
if you Die With no Movement at all From the time you Join after forced into a spectator, then boot system is active against you too. This Accumulated time is what is considered for the boot system to be active and spectating runs on another invisible timer… can we add an automatic remover time? do we have to after these 2?

Now When Quitting, ping should be taking into consideration which is why I propose these solutions:
If Ping bad, then you can quit w/no penalties. (If Ping bad before and no quit I would’ve suggested the boot for them too. But It Now seems That Lag effects the Lager, now and not the others.) When Your MVP or within a certain XP range shared with MVP, then you too can be the one to quit with no penalty for the one who left… if too many after this just leave maybe have a surrender option pop up; or have the Things no one would/should want added to their rank: K/D ratio, W/L ratio… any others?
Also one More thing: when it’s the last round and your team is winning by a certain amount… or maybe include the fact that the opposing team is loosing by 2 or more rounds also then you can have 1, or 2 people because of the rounds ( no MVP’s?) quit with no penalty?
PS: maybe implement if they are trolling around the spectator system, a timer for their kills/deaths… how frequently are they, to still stay in match/not be booted? However maybe not.