Not much reason to rejoin a match after a disconnect

So I’ve made a post before about how you can’t rejoin matches after you get disconnected like you could in gears 4. Now it’s seems you can BUT you don’t get you’re score back. In gears 4 it gave you your score back as if you never left. Now in gears 5 you get put back to 0.

I rejoined a KOTH match after my Wi-Fi cut out and I ended the match with a win but little points. I went from top 39%-76%. Since the ranking is based off “individual performance” as they claim whether I win or lose doesn’t matter. I’m gonna lose a lot of tier points if I come back. If I don’t come back my team won’t really be punished because their individual performance was good. The only reason I see is so your account doesn’t get a strike for quitting. But since they temporarily took off the quit penalty because TC servers has it’s own issues that’s not a problem. Another reason is if it’s your squad it’s just so they don’t lose.

So let’s say the quit penalty is there right now. If I don’t come back i get a strike. If I do come back and help the team win i will still lose a bunch of tier points because my performance was technically low. Either way the player is punished. It just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand what’s so hard about having features that was already in the previous game. In the second half of its life i feel gears 4 did a lot right. As many say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

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