Not mad about it... just curious

I know we shouldn’t go in solo but I’ve been going in and playing people 2 tiers under mine. Is that normal? It’s more risky because if I win it means nothing but if I lose I’m dropping dramatically.

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Game has like 40 people playing, sooner or later people are going to run into this issue. Might as well be used to it until the last few weeks leading up to GoW5 inject some life into the lobbies.


Game doesn’t match on Rank but your Skill Rating.

If it’s dramatic drops then that means you are either ranked higher than you should be and so losses or performances are now bringing you down faster than normal because of it.

It could also be that playing solo you aren’t playing or performing the same as when in a team, meaning your skill rating is dropping and so being reflected in your rank.

It could also be that in some wins recently, you didn’t do as well as predicted. Losses in percentage equally only show up in losses of games.

All in all, it just means the the system is now repositioning you based on recent performances in wins and losses.

I personally do not lose dramatic percentages, if at all because I tend to perform the same whether solo or team, for example.

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Appreciate that, it makes sense. I finally hit diamond solo queuing every game and got demoted unfortunately. But since I’ve been Onyx 3 again I’ve played nothing but golds. So it makes sense to either dominate them or go down.

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This is a misconception IMO. As a PC player who primarily played Escalation when it was populated, I barely ever played diamond players. Most of the better players turn off crossplay because it hurts their egos.

Anyway, I mostly played gold and onyx players but ended up getting D5 really quickly. It doesn’t matter who you play against; all that matters is your individual performance.

If you get against genuine golds, just stomp them like any diamond would and you’ll go up. If they’re underranked and actually onyx behind the scenes, then beat them like a diamond would beat an onyx. It won’t be as bad as a gold, but still better. And even if you lose games due to trash teammates, just getting consistent great scores will keep you from losing percentage on losses. It’s a little tougher to do well solo because teammates don’t have your back, but still.

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I’ve noticed that trend too, you can tell when they’re better than a gold or onyx tier. But I had 3 games straight with 20 kills and less than 8 deaths and my percentage dropped like crazy after the loss. It’s cool though… I just gotta stop solo queuing. I turned my crossplay back on and matches got better.

Yeah every time I’ve seen that happen, it’s due to some subpar performances in the past (idk maybe 10 games) that is catching up to you on your losses. I wish TC would display the background rank to people so it’s easily explainable.

Risky business with the cheaters out there lol. I’ll leave you with a nice tip: you can close your game during the voting/countdown portion and you won’t get a penalty for leaving (pretty sure anyway). So if you see a cheater in the lobby that you’ve ran into (same emblem perhaps), then just dodge that in the lobby. Also if you run into a cheater, mute them in game and next time you see them in the pregame lobby, they’ll still be muted (easy to identify them).


Lol noted, it got better because of the players though. Seeing my tier or higher.

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It is a shame “we” are all so invested in and some degree dominated by the rank system. It really does start to take away from the actual game, much like the pack system has done. When we had the number/wings system in previous Gears, no one seamed to mind.
We just had FUN playing and Gibbing away merely. I know we will not return to that, but I think it was a better system.

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This is true.

All you need to do is really outslay them.

Of course it’s risky if you can’t :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hate to say it but it’s true, I do remember the first gears was just bragging rights and getting kills but it’s hard to get back to that mind set when it is a ranking system.