Not liking this game anymore (sad face)

First, I’d like to say, I am just a casual gamer-period! My KD and stats can back that up,LOL. But I’m hoping my level of 857 will attest to how much I really used to enjoy playing this game. I played this game religiously every day after work. Shooting people (virtually that is) really helps you relax after a stressful work day :grin:. When all my friends left to play Apex, I stayed here. I finally left when the game combined TDM with Gridiron?? I believe that is what it was. I am only interested in playing TDM, and when the game I paid for wouldn’t let me play how I wanted, I stopped playing. I just loaded up to see what was offered in the new operation-hoping TDM would be back on it’s own. OMG, it is! I was so eager to play! I bought the new character bundle, and I was ready! Now the team’s are only 4 players. Don’t know when that happened like I said, I’ve been away. Don’t really know how I feel about that, because I only played 3 games and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Everyone uses the Gnasher now?! IMO, that’s the equivalent of the person who lays at the back of the map on COD with an LMG equipped with thermal imaging and an extra-extra extended clip, with claymores and a trophy system set up. How is that fun? Running around the whole game with a shotgun is not my type of game play. I know there are sooo many out there who like it, and that’s their choice. I personally want to be in an actual gunfight, where our exchanging bullets and advancing cover might lead us to be face-to-face and then we both need to reload. Now let’s melee! That’s when a game is enjoyable! I’ve read posts about the movement speed being decreased, and as I’ve said off top-casual gamer, so I don’t know the logistics of all that. But I can honestly say, I couldn’t slide or mantle fast enough to get to a safe enough distance to return fire with my Lancer! I see this week they’re doing all Gnashers on KOTH, but apparently the people I played with only like TDM also, hmm :expressionless:. So for now, I’m going back to MW. At least there I have a fighting chance against a shotgun! So to anyone reading this, if any improvements or updates come out that might make Gears more enjoyable for my style of game play (basically not getting shotgunned in the face :grimacing::cry::rage:), please let me know here. I would LOVE to come back to Gears! @Livo, If they care enough about what’s in the game then it’s not hard for them to find their way on to this Forum and spend 20 minutes making a post. Took your advice. Heeyyy, from 1 of the silent majority :blush:.


Hard to read it all, but…honestly if gnasher play is a turn-off Gears isn’t for you.

You can certainly lancer and use other weapons, but Gears has and will be gnasher centric.

People either love or hate it.


Thank you for the summary. I couldn’t get past sentence #2


Add paragraphs.

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Wow. Everyone here is so critical. Over the whole Gears thing!

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You lost me there

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What does melee mean?

  • Melee , generally refers to disorganized close combat in battles fought at abnormally close range with little central control once it starts.

I’m a little bit confused as to how you’re comparing long range combat with defences set up against a player who is actively running into combat.

I never have and never will say that the rifles don’t have a place in Gears because they do, the issue was the tuning allowed for players to abuse them, thus preventing entirely the possibility for any CQC in most matches.

I appreciate the honesty of you stating that you’re a casual gamer and then combining it with this quote, that’s what I have been saying all along. The older and faster movement speed would allow players who are caught out of position to escape danger and return to cover / safe distance. You’re now punished if you’re in the wrong place which is how it should be. Consider this from the perspective of the other team, if they catch you out of position then they deserve the kill. It’d be unenjoyable for them if they find a player who has put themselves into a bad position but is able to get away from a fight purely because the game is so fast.

From reading your post it’s clear you enjoy rifle dominant play more so I don’t feel too bad about being so honest saying this. I think you’re better suited to MW and you’ll have much more fun there. On Gears the rifles are meant to be a supporting weapon in order to help make a push and that’s what this tuning provides now. You yourself said in your post that “I personally want to be in an actual gunfight, where our exchanging bullets and advancing cover might lead us to be face-to-face”.

That is exactly what this tuning now provides. As you’re stating that you’re a casual gamer i’m not sure what information you do and do not know so I will explain to you the Lancer damages. (A player has 600 health for reference).

Bodyshots - 55 Damage per bullet
Headshots - 74.25 Damage per bullet (1.35% Headshot damage modifier)

Bodyshots - 50 Damage per bullet
Headshots - 62.5 Damage per buller (1.25% Headshot damage modifier)

This meaning that in the worst case scenario as a Lancer player dealing damage, it now only requires 1 extra bullet, up from 11 shots to 12 shots. I genuinely do not believe you are feeling any nerf, or at least not significantly. I believe you’re feeling the reduction in Aim Assist, or more specifically the removal of Adhesion and the recent reducion in Magnetism (if you want more information on what they are, please ask).

All this change has done is make it require more skill which in such a competitive game is important, I appreciate that you’re honest about being a casual player which is fine but please consider this.

When I started out on Gears (along with MANY other people) I was a brand new player not just to Gears but to video games in general so I was getting DESTROYED, I began on Gears 2 and I was genuinely negative by 1000+ deaths before I ever got my first kill which was a chainsaw kill on Wingman, Ruins. I remember it because I was so happy with myself. I then figured that this worked so I kept doing it. I would also use the Lancer because it was a machine gun and I found it easy to deal bits of damage and sometimes down people.

I started playing with some people I knew and 1 of them was a GB player who was in a team, I had no idea what GB was but he explained to me that it was actual competitive play. I couldn’t compete with them and I knew it but I also knew that I wasn’t very good at playing online casually either so my friend gave me some tips, told me to try the Gnasher and gave me some movement tips too. Over time I improved and 11 years later, I am still learning and I am still improving. I had to change my beginner playstyle because back then the game didn’t help me, it was made in a way to force me to learn or I was going to lose.

Gears 4 & 5 feel like they were both made with casual players in mind, this totally removed the element that we all had of needing to improve to compete. It buffed up casual techniques so that they could compete against experienced techniques and whilst that’s getting you points it’s annoying for experienced players, but not only that, it’s actually really bad for casual players because it allows you to play Gears in such a way that isn’t a proper Gears of War experience, so in a sense you’re missing out the fun of what made Gears so good but you don’t know that because you’ve not been incentivised into learning it… And I understand why, if something is easy then people will do it. This change has done nothing more than force players to learn how to play Gears of War and that’s a good thing, otherwise what’s the point in playing?

I am popular and unpopular based on how blunt and honest I am about what I think. Here’s what I think, by the sounds of it you don’t actually enjoy Gears of War. My recommendation for you if you’re a casual gamer looking to just have a bit of fun is this.


Wait a week or so for people’s ranks to correctly place so that you’re not against good players all the time, then make a start into your ranked journey. You’ll be against players of a similar skill level and as you improve you’ll progress along with them and should find yourself in similarly skilled matches that should remain enjoyable for you. I would also advise actually using the Gnasher. The Lancer is a supporting weapon and isn’t for somebody to use as a primrary, hence why you see a lot of good players using it. Give it a try, learn when to Lancer, when to Gnasher, when to Snub… Learn Gears of War. Honestly even as a casual player the satisfaction from improving at such a hard game is amazing, I know that because I had that a long time ago and it was great!


Just stick to MW. If you don’t want to learn how to play Gears of War properly then there’s no sense in playing the game. A tuning shouldn’t be made for somebody who doesn’t want to learn how to play the game and i’m sorry if you don’t like that, but it’s exactly that which has caused Gears’ huge decline over the past few years since TC seemingly attempted to cater for casual play. Gears isn’t a casual game. It’d be like Dark Souls adding in an “Easy” difficulty when somebody invades, it’d make the game pointless.

I’m glad that you did, it’s much better than saying nothing, you actually took the time to get involved. I just disagree with what you said and I explained why.

find ur own team in 5v5 or more, find a good defense spot and camp with 5 lancer, problem solve.

You’re a genius! Thanks for that GREAT idea!

Hey (replying to your PM so you’re able to comment again).

It makes total sense as to why you feel that way after coming from other games and having not played the legacy titles and jumping straight in on these newer Gears games that seem to have appealed to newer players, I can understand why you’ve got the mindset that you do in terms of “loadouts”.

I’ll use CoD as the example because it’s easier to explain and a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

CoD’s loadout system has that in place for different types of players. Balancing seems to be done based on how 1 Rifle performs compared to another Rifle, or how 1 Shotgun performs compared to another Shotgun etc etc.

On CoD, let’s say you pick a Sniper loadout and you find yourself in a CQC situation against a player using a Rifle loadout, you probably know you’re screwed because you’ve got the wrong weaponary. The different types of loadout in CoD suit different playstyles.

In CoD you have a primary weapon and a secondary weapon, but let’s face it the secondary weapon is only used if you run out of ammo (unless you start using perks which is a whole different thing).

I’m going to make a random CoD loadout as an example as i’ll refer back to it later.

Slaying Weapon - Rifle - AK47
Secondary - Pistol - Renetti
Tactical Grenade - Flashbang
Lethal Grenade - Semtex

With that, you would probably find yourself having the AK47 equipped more often because it’s more logical than having your Renetti equipped. The Renetti’s role would be if you ran out of ammo as nothing more than a backup. It has a role, it’s not useless but you wouldn’t expect to be topping the team if you used only that.

As you started on Gears quite late you likely don’t know this. Gears of War 1 was never intended to have a MP aspect to it, it was to be a single player only game. The MP was added very close to launch, given how it was to be a SP game, the Lancer was in the primary weapon slot because it’s a logical weapon to get you through the campaign. Many people don’t know this and use the fact that the Lancer is in the primary slot as a reason to use it as a main weapon in MP, they just don’t understand.

I used CoD as an example so much because it’s something that you seem to understand so me making comparrisons should make sense to you now.

Gears doesn’t have different loadouts. It has 1 loadout - Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade.
I know people will try to highlight how there’s different loadout options, yes, but what I just said still applies.

Coming back to what I tried to show earlier with a CoD loadout. Gears’ loadout example would be this.

Slaying Weapon - Gnasher
Supporting Weapon - Lancer
Secondary - Snub
Tactical Grenade - Smoke

Gears doesn’t let you spawn with 2 weapons and 2 grenades in the same way CoD does, Gears lets you spawn with 1 grenade and 3 weapons. This is because Gears has a much more tactical reason linked to the weapons.

Gnasher - CQC slaying weapon
Lancer - Supporting weapon to assist teammates with bits of damage
Snub - Long range damage / For when you run out of Lancer ammo.
Smoke - Tactical

Each weapon has a time and place to use on Gears, unlike CoD whereby you can pull out any weapon. A player who is using only a supporting weapon should only really be racking up assist points, they’re not using a slaying weapon therefore should not be deserving of kills. (Unless they really catch somebody way out of position).

Gears is all about map positioning and outthinking your opponent. Using the Lancer should be for making a push and / or covering a teammate if you can’t get close enough in time. It’s NOT for sitting in a camping spot like this other individual suggested, it’s people like that player who are the reason why these Lancer adjustments were needed and why TDM now limits squad sizes.

Being unhappy that the Lancer has now been reverted back to being a support weapon and hoping for it to be buffed is like being unhappy that you can’t top the leaderboard on CoD because a pistol isn’t buffed high enough. It’s not the intended role of the weapon so you’re not being rewarded for playing that way.

Gears isn’t only a rifle game, nor is it only a Shotgun game. Played competitively with tactics it’s a real mixture, supporting and slaying and that’s a proper Gears experience. I accept that in public it’s not like that and players will tend to equip a Gnasher much more often but that’s because they’re equipping a slaying weapon with the intent of running in and eliminating the other team and not hiding in a corner being bored.

I hope that makes sense?

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You don’t like the shotty, but are willing to melee someone?

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Props to anyone who read the OP. You are a better man than I


I think I have an answer for myself in this regard. I simply don’t enjoy the base game, no matter what all they do to it.

What I mean is that with every update the game changes and every time I lose interest in playing.

It’s like rather than liking or not liking a specific update, it comes down to either playing through it and numbing myself or not playing at all.

There’s a difference between truly liking the game and just playing out of routine.

Yes 4 v 4 sucks. Yes only havin 1 buddy at a time sucks. Tc sucks.


Whoa now… how did you know she was pregnant?

The one good point he had was the movement is slow again an i hate it

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