Not impressed with the new escape mode

I’ll play campaign horde and multiplayer if it’s good but just don’t care for the escape mode.


I think most of us are in the same boat. There’s a vast majority that would rather see the return of Beast Mode or Overrun in comparison to Escape, which isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen but definitely doesn’t really grab the interest that TC (for some magical reason) thought it would.

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Cant say I really understand the difference between escape and just the plain ol campaign. Looks like they both play out the same - move forward, shoot bad guys, reach the end.

Its a mode for the PVE fans (such as myself).


In horde youre defending and building a base as you continue to.collect resources. In Beast mode, you were the monsters against Cog. Versus is obviously PvP. All of these contrast the structure of the main campaign.

But Escape just seems so similar to a normal campaign that I feel like you wont be able to tell the difference with the exception of less cutscenes in Escape. I hope theres more to it that Im missing, but so far it just looks like an alternate campaign.

Ready to be proven wrong.

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3-players only is kinda dumb

I woudln’t say i am impressed either but i think it will be interesting to check it out a few times…or maybe like one time

Sorry to be cynical but the reason I would think has more than a little to do with the mighty Dollar and Pound, to name but two currencies.
It will be monetised to death.


It definitely has the similarities you pointed out, especially when compared to a level where you are forced to keep moving.

I see the distinction as that TC (and community members) can keep making adding or changing to hives in escape, whereas campaigns tend to not have that. There is also the prestige of climbing the leaderboards, bettering your time and difficulties. Though again, campaigns can have that last bit in, but its usually poorly done instead of picking specific levels.

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It might be fun to play sometimes for some variation from time to time, but I think I’ll primarily stick to Horde and Vs.

It looks good.with the throwing down ammo/new shield.Work as a team,And meet the new swarm,and DB’s infected,even b4 going into horde/campaign

I think with the new map editor, it definitely has potential. However, if the editor is also being released eventually for Horde, I’m guessing the player base will shrink considerably.


They already confirmed multiple times that they will bring the map editor in versus and horde too in the future.

Escape mode or horde 2.0 they took the time to show off a noob filled mode for people who dont even play gears so they can get more ppl to buy the game… the game is full of bot walking lancerers.

Ill play this game mode for a minute considering i HATE playing against bots… its so draining killing bots.


Lets go dig this game a grave cuz wtf kind of gears trailer was that…

gears 4 announcement trailer had more emotion and more story telling then the actual game lol… the game felt so dry compared to that trailer. Now this trailer just killed me…

Atleast last years campaign trailer was good.

Gears has died.

I like PVE modes like horde or beast or judgment horde style, but this escape thing feels so empty and pointless and boring !

I was like that after seeing it at e3.
But watched the 10 minute video released last week on YouTube and thought it looked good.
It’s does look like a decent mode.

This is just ONE problem with releasing content after release several months down the road.

I just seen some gameplay for this mode and honestly its just like playing any of the gear campaigns. One thing that did bother me was the enemies had health bars and when they were shot a number pops up telling you how much damage was done. I don’t really think these things are needed in this game and if its just in that mode ill deal with it but if its in campaign, Horde and VS it will be annoying in my opinion.

Having said all that ill give it a go in anyway to judge for myself because the gameplay I just seen wasnt very good as far as I am concerned.

I heard the enemy health bars can be turned off from the options screen.

Well thats grand then. Just not a big fan of seeing the enemy health or what damage I am doing. Fair enough it does work in other games like Borderlands but it just doesnt feel or look right in the Gears universe.