Not if but when(The Beta for G5)

Beta’s tend to be too small and way too limited timed in gears,so what would you all like to see whatever type of beta TC put out be and offer?Also number of maps and modes to try out?


Okay to start off. I want to see more beta unlocks like we seen back in gears 3 and UE. I.E more character skins, Weapon skins and exclusive beta emblems . 5 swarm and 5 cog that we can select (I wasn’t a fan of the GOW 4 beta because of that) and way more maps like maybe 6 or 5 at most


An exclusive emblem gifted to everyone that pre-orders and participates in the Beta.

1 tuning of course not labeled as Core or Competitive


I bet it will have competitive tuning, to keep the “pros” happy.

I agree with you. I just hope they don’t do character skins as the reward. Like imagine you live in Puerto Rico and the days of the beta your power is out. I hope it’s only either weapon skins or emblems. Or gearpacks if they are still a thing but no characters. Anyone wanting to collect them all would be soooo let down to find out you can’t get a beta only character. Though it would be fine if it was released as a craft only about 2 years later like gears 4

but you’ll see a character more than a weapon skin .

Not when I’m using it?

Maybe other people wont but I can see the guns I use perfectly fine.

God I hope we get Color Blast Kait as an exclusive for Beta users!!!