Not having duplicate chars in horde/escape is a good thing

Big thanks to TC for not allowing multiple copies of characters in horde and escape games.

Having multiple characters is terrible strategy. It creates role redundancy (weakening the team by making it 1-dimensional) and competition for that character’s most desired resource. For instance if I’m playing Fahz I am going to want all the long shot and embar drops, but if there are 2 other Fahzs in the game, that’s going to create a huge problem as we are competing for those drops. People who take the game seriously understand this, and don’t want other players playing a redundant role and competing with them/other teammates for certain drops/resources. It weakens the team and leads to less successful and less fun games.


No, not having duplicate classes is good. Not having duplicate characters is horrible. I want to play as the character I want. Duplicate classes is no big deal.


No it not it forces us to play with someone we did not choose same goes for the class.


Nope, forcing loadouts and not allowing players to freely choose any weapon they want to play with directly tramples on player freedom. **** that noise


If your supportive of anti player choice, and player freedom then your part of the problem topic cdreator, the only other GOW game that did this was the hated “Judgement” game that got rightfully bashed and is the worst GOW game because of the garbage gameplay changes, garbage MP, and “novelty” modes that were flashes in the pan:survival/OverRun.

GOW 2,3, and 4 all did actual HORDE MODE better then the GOW 5 “Survival/OverRun 2.0” masquerading as “horde mode”.


Correct me if I’m wrong Onyx, what you are saying is duplicate character SKINS is fine, but agree with my general assessment that duplicate character CLASSES should banned, for the reasons I outlined above? (In gears 5 obviously they are one in the same).

I can agree with you one that, only disadvantage is that your teammates can’t look at you and know what skills you have and more effectively work with you, which hurts strategic gameplay. For instance, in escape mode if I spot a Mac player I know to adjust my play to keep him between me and the enemies as much as possible, while giving him support. If I spot a Lahni player, I know to try and draw some fire for her to give her openings to flank and do damage.

If any skin could mean anything, forget all about any of that tactical thinking.

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What would it matter if there were 5 kaits who were all different classes? this thread seems a lil trolly

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I’m sorry but this horde is a huge downgrade overall to Gears 4 horde. I want to play any character I want with any class I want. And if someone is using the class I want to play, forced me on another class I DON’T want to play. I can’t buy any weapon I want from the Fabricator which is ridiculous, only allowed weapons suited to the class that I’m playing as. It takes WAY longer to get to 50 than you would on gears 4 or 3. I don’t have time for this crap. The frequency of people leaving the lobby, the beginning of the game and mid game is vastly higher for the obvious reasons.

There are no bonus/challenge rounds to get extra power, which I have ■■■■■■■ idea why they removed that feature,

I’ve always played on ELITE difficulty. (5th difficultly before INSANE) the only problem I have with it is how poorly tuned it is with the damn rewards. I look at MASTER difficulty and the chance of getting the best rewards is still garbage.


Nothing inherently wrong with that, when I said “characters” what I meant was classes, not skins. As I mentioned, the only drawback is the chaos it would cause with nobody knowing what Kait was what class. Who is the scout kait? Who is the engineer Kait? Who is the this or that Kait? Do we even have this or that Kait? Since the classes would not be tied to any skin, It is impossible to tell who is playing what class at a glance, and harder to strategize, which hurts gameplay.

Not trolling, just having a good discussion here.

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Yes 100% agree. Thing with Gears 5 is I believe that you will be able to have multiple of the same class but not the same character so some abilities and skills will be different. I know in Gears 4 a lot of the time you really needed 2 engineers just to keep up with repairs, Especially when doing speed runs. You often times had 2 scouts. So yes limiting it to of each character is a great idea. Sure it sucks you can’t always play as the same character skin for every role but it does add a nice dynamic.

No one disagrees that duplicate classes are bad for horde though… thats not why people are upset really

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When I Played Gears 4 Horde I would always choose the Soldier Class because of the Perks it came with {Extended Magazine, Extra assault rifle damage, Extra Grenades, More Active Reload Bonus Damage} If all those were maxed I would Destroy the horde. I would also Choose Anthony Carmine as my Main and arm myself with the Retro and Custom Lancer.
With this Combination I was the ultimate support troop.
Before Gears 5 came out i imagined being Anthony Again but this time Wielding the Lancer GL and Lancer MK3 as well as the Talon Pistol to take on the horde… Sadly that probably wont come to pass :frowning:


I don’t really mind the class forcing honestly. I mean, I don’t like or am good at being a sniper/marksman but it doesn’t mean i’ll shy away from it if thats what I am.

That being said, I WOULD like to be a COG Gear or a UIR Soldier or generally someone with a helmet as a skin instead of a helmetless ‘hero’. It bogs down to personal preference.

I like to feel like a regular soldier defending a position from the Locust/Swarm until evac can arrive.

But I see why it’s annoying to be forced from something you want to play as.

If nothing else just add all the COG weaponry to the fabricator so people who get forced into a class they don’t like can least purchase a lancer or something so they can be more effective to the team.


Can they just make a horde classic mode where your character doesn’t matter and it’s just who you want to play as please. That would be great.


I agree with you classic horde would be cool.


Biggest problem with gears is ppl quitting stuff. I played horde last nite as marcus, well I tried, someone else was marcus so I QUIT, why not jus play as the substitute? CAUSE I NEEDED MARCUS KILLS for the stupid tour. Honestly that’s tarded again


Survival/overrun is superior to horde. Horde has been stagnant since 2.0.

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I disagree because of the operations medals and character investment. My prime example is escape, I have been farming headshots with Mac, I am level 8 BUT I get into a lobby and my level 8 preference is overruled by a level 1 Mac…
I do need medals for both Keegan and Lahni but I am on 197 headshots due to competing against my team for these kills and am close to finishing. Why is it good I get shafted on my 15% xp bonus I have farmed to get to instead gain a 2% one??

Biggest gripe is the operations requirements and I made a thread about it… Still forcing a random change when I have the higher experience is just a toxic idea…

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I’m against these new restrictions of classes and characters. I’ve always supported the idea of players doing whatever they want. If they want to attempt Horde with 5 Soldiers or 5 Scouts, why shouldn’t players be able to do that? It’s a ridiculous challenge for sure, but it’s a challenge and not the norm of how Horde is normally played, which makes it different and fun.

Also with the character customisation thing - again, I’ve always supported players choosing whatever skin they wanted regardless of classes. Especially given how it’s been monetise so much. If someone has paid real money for a character skin they should be able to use it in any mode.

In tetms of easily differentiating each other, well in my opinion any half decent player can work out who is who easily - the kill feed tells alot, and of you use TAC-COM or the scoreboard (which automatically pops up between waves anyway) you can tell even more. It really wasn’t a problem in GOW4.

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