Not happy I cant play tech test

I ordered the “epic” edition from gamestop (at least in gears 3 that’s what it was called) the 300 dollar version that comes with a Jack drone. I cant believe they aren’t providing access to the beta (tech test). Seems like I’m getting jipped even though I bought the most expensive collectors version you could purchase. Smfh…


You may still be able to purchase the gamepass for $1 and that would give you access :slight_smile:

Not telling you necessarily to spend more money, its super frustrating that a company as big as gamestop isn’t participating in the US, just that is an option.


This does seem really weird that they aren’t doing codes for the tech test. At least you can still get in the tech text by doing the one month of game pass ultimate for a $1!

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Wait they’re still doing game pass ultimate for one dollar? How long will this last before the offer is gone?

Ugh crud you right. It ended a week ago. It was definitely worth it since it converted any regular game pass and gold time you had into ultimate for a $1

The offer went down for a day and then back up for some reason.

Still listed as a dollar for me.


Yea, I’m planning on getting the game on Steam, so lookin’ ugly for me. Hopefully they give more info on the Steam version and it goes up for pre-order once the Play Test phase is over.

Funny cause my game pass ultimate ends on the very day this tech test goes live but i don’t know what time of the day it will end. If I can renew it one more time for a dollar that would be a godsend.

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I just did it a few minutes ago to test, and it still is working (just purchased 2 years worth of gold and have paid $1 to convert it).

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Thanks ghost, I just got it for a dollar, what’s another dollar if I already spent 300 lmao. Love you guys and this community, thanks again


No worries bud, welcome to the tech test :slight_smile:


I hope it stays up for a dollar till at least to the end of this week after the tech test starts.

They might still have a low price offer for the pass, it just wont include the conversion of your existing gold time to pass… since you only care about beta access, not an issue, buy it for a month…

I’m still not sure whether I can participate or not. Fingers crossed I can

Hey bud, what is the issue?

So where exactly do you get to play the verses tech test today?.I pre order the game Ultimate in the Microsoft store the day it let is and I purchased the game pass for a dollar.So where do I need go go to play it today.ty

At 10am PDT today, you can download the Gears 5 Tech Test on the Xbox Store I believe. It won’t be playable until Friday though.

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It isn’t on today. You can predownload it from 10amPST.

Its on 19th 10am PST for 72 hours. Then again the following week, same deal.

Pre ordered from gamestop here in Finland, the day it became available. Went in today to ask about the tech test and they had no knowledge of it whatsoever :man_shrugging:

Gamestop isn’t participating in the US either for some reason.

I would recommend THIS LINK for participating retailers, or to purchase the gamepass for $1 deal.

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