Not gunna lie, was super hyped for Batista

Me and friends speculated what his abilities would be, his lines, excited to play him in escape since the characters were so limited…

Hes just a Marcus skin… wut… so sad now. Hype train derailed


I like him. I was running around in a match yelling at Thanos. Got some fun out of it.


His sun glasses change color… Gues that’s cool

They bypass their stupid class system with the first character they add…makes me wonder why they have this system to begin with

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Hold on the skin is under marcus character

Not even a special execution.

His voice lines are very low aswell


Any particular match type to get him? Can you play custom and host it and open it to the public to get him?

You get Bautista automatically when you boot up Gears 5 anytime between September 15th and October 28th. I booted up Gears 5 on September 15th and a message popped up on my screen saying he was available to use.

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Yep, got him.

TC logic:

“Every character is a hero!!!”

“Wait we have to make cards and abilities for every hero? screw that lol let’s just make Batista a Marcus skin”


yah they shoulda made that clear out the gate. no offense intended but ive never heard of this guy so i was like hmm pretty weird they would just put some guy in gears as a character. so i even thought he was gona be his own thing too. then they said it was a skin and i found out hes a huge gears fan so i was like ok i guess thats fine haha. BUT i can imagine if i liked this guy and thought he would be a full character that would be hella disappointing.