Not going to lie xbox game pass is so worth it

Not only you can play over 100 games for free and only pay 10$ an month but you caget every micro transaction in gears 4 three dollars off expect for esports supporters packs.

yes to this

no to this

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lol I’m just saying facts i rather spend 7$ on a optic supporter than 10$

But isn’t that an Esports supporter pack so it doesn’t come with the discount?

Also worth mentioning, dunno if it’s still going but they had three months for $9.99 recently. That’s a great price.

You get a discount? Where?

Maybe I don’t because I had my copy before game pass was even thought about.

yea everything get a three dollar disdcountexcept for esportssuppoterpacks for some reason I guess the esports wants more money. Plus I still think game pass is still 10$

Ah, I see.

In Australia the 3 month sub is $9.99, down from $32.45, sale finishes in 6 days. Worth checking your Xbox store to see if you get the same benefit.