Not getting double stars despite objectives showing blue stars (Main thread)

Anyone else getting this? Have done 3 objectives so far, none of which have given the bonus stars.

This is not acceptable considering I am re-rolling with iron which is a PAID currency so I am technically paying (even though I haven’t purchased any with real money) for something and not receiving what I’ve paid for.

I am owed 5 stars so far and won’t be completing more objectives just yet just in case this continues as I don’t want to waste the rest of my iron.


Me and others are having this issue as well


Same with my squad and I; we were also re-rolling with iron.


Yep. Just finished the kill a boss objective, which should’ve awarded 6 stars, but I only received 3. Even made a video showing my active boost, the payout screen only giving 3 even tho you can clearly see 3 regular stars and 3 blue stars. Looks like TC screwed up another thing again. And I bet we won’t get these lost stars after this thing ends.

I’m sorry, but the reasons to not play just keep adding up.


Good morning guys.

Is anyone having the same problem? I’m trying to earn double stars fron daily objectives and I only received the standard amount indicated. For example: I completed an objective that had 2 stars as a reward, and instead of giving me 4 stars (since the event has officially started) the game only rewarded me 2. I hope that the DEVS see this as soon as possible since I already spent iron trying to reroll my objectives hoping that the problem.would be fixed.

Of course it is not. Soooo… Are you guys in the same boat as I am?

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There are many post about this issue me and many others are on the boat with you


Not getting double stars, just like last time, im not receiving double stars for completing tasks, sort your game out TC

Yea i dont play ranked and im only doing TOD

Hey can perople pelase confirm a couple of things, whether they have active boost, and what platform they are on? Thank you.

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Just completed 2 objectives and only got the standard stars not double any one else had this?


Yes i did 2 obj as well and it dididn’t give me double


I confirm. They don’t work. I have completed all 3 daily objectives for 5 star and I received 5 stars instead of 10.

Well done.


Same, I got lucky and had 10 stars worth of objectives, so this really hurt.


Me too wtf, i want my stars !!!


jup same here


I also should have had 20 stars already, only to realize I got 10. Great thing to see I wasted some iron on this. Very ticked off right now.


Does it go live later perhaps ?


Ok not just me then I hope they awarded later I just lost out on a bonus 8 stars they can’t even get there events right honestly TC :roll_eyes:


Based on the results and generally positive responses to the event, we’ve decided to turn on Double Stars in Tour every Saturday for Boosted players from 2am PT on Saturday – 10am PT on Sunday!

As a reminder, Double Stars only applies for Tour Objectives – not medals – and for players with active Boost.

10am PT !!!


I have 30 days of boost left. I started at 2:30 am PT and looked at the Tour Objective to see if it had the extra blue stars before I started any objective. I saw them and I would be earning a total of 18 Stars for the 3 objectives. I went to complete one of the objective and once the stats appeared I see that it only rewarded me just 3 stars rather than 6. Luckly I haven’t completed the other 2 objectives. Hopefully they get this fixed soon.