Not getting achievement for finishing campaign!

I finished the campaign even redid the save jd or del part to see if story changed and still did not get the achievement for completing it. I checked all chapters and acts and it says complete.


The game is broken dude…
Same with collectibles, I just went to grab the first 5 in Act 3, chapt 1, and I checked first and they registered, I then moved around a bit to check collectibles again 1 minute later and suddenly 3 of the 5 disappeared and I had only 2 left. I logged out of game and back in, checked collectibles and ALL of them were gone again from Act 3 chapter 1, all gone.
The game is totally bugged. Also, you will have to replay the whole campaign once they “fix” this.

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Same here. Felt like Gears 4 again. Still havent got the collectable achivements for that game…